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  1. PCMtec

    It's not even an Australia/US thing at this point. The system isn't ready for market. They do have pumps and I don't believe they would have any issue selling to me.
  2. Hellion Emissions Legal Sleeper Kit

    I don't live in California and my state has not adopted California standards. As an owner of an emissions station, there is nothing I could fail this kit for as long as it passes OBD readiness.
  3. PCMtec

    I sent them an email a few weeks ago. They have no pricing or ETA available at this time for the full fuel system.
  4. Need to swap in new battery, just plug and play?......

    This is perhaps the worst advice I have ever seen given in this group. It's not the 70's anymore.
  5. LT Header identification

    Kooks will typically have a metal tag welded on one of the primaries that you can see from the engine bay. Can you post some pics?
  6. GT350 Dual Pump in 2015 Mustang GT

    I have purchased the parts and had planned on working with Mike to try out the GT500 fuel pump/line, but a lack of time has prevented that from happening. In the mean time, this caught my attention and I am somewhat holding off to see what they come up with. I reached out to them for an update...
  7. Inside the "Super 8.8" Rear End

    Pinion depth shim size requirement is a function of the housing and how it was machined and is not determined by the ring and pinion. This is why you won't typically see pinion shim sizes stamped on Ford gears. In almost every case you can reuse the original shim unless you have an unknown...
  8. Virginia Forced Induction Interchiller kit w/ Stage 2 Upgrade

    Forced Induction Interchiller kit w/ Stage 2 Upgrade. Kit was ordered for a 2020 Mustang, but these kits are universal and should only require some very minor changes to adapt to just about any vehicle. Everything is still new in the box, only opened to inspect. Listing for sale because I am...
  9. Virginia ID 1300 injectors - new in the box

    ID 1300 injectors part #1300.60.14.14b.8. Fits 2011+ mustang. Brand new, unused. Still sealed in bags. $1600 shipped
  10. Virginia Foster Whine Mod 18-up Whipple

    New Stage 2 Foster Whine Mod for 18-up whipple. Decided not to install. $100 shipped
  11. Virginia Aeromotive 19108 5.0 GPH brushless fuel pump 11-22 Mustang

    I am experimenting with staying returnless and this was realistically more pump than I need. I do love the idea of a single pump though. As I'm sure you know, one pump failing in a multi pump system has the potential to be catastrophic.
  12. Virginia Aeromotive 19108 5.0 GPH brushless fuel pump 11-22 Mustang

    Aeromotive 5.0 GPH in tank brushless fuel pump. New in the box. Fits 11-22 Mustang. Will support over 1800HP with E85. $1650
  13. Adaptive Cruise leaking

    The Ford procedure does not say anything about being put on wet. The procedure more or less says clip it in and plug it in, that's it. It sounds like you are having some other problem possibly related to the new windshield, or perhaps you need a new rain sensor. The one I purchased for my...
  14. Ford Flat Labor Time--Brake Pad Replacement

    Was the quote for using your pads? That may have been part of the issue. Dealers and independents count on markup on the parts to meet their margins. Without that, they may have been adding additional labor to make up for that, or perhaps that was the "we don't want to install customer...
  15. Rear drag pack alignment?

    I seriously hope this statement is a joke. If not, please put some though into what you just wrote.
  16. Rear drag pack alignment?

    I do, on a regular basis. There has been no consistent difference in the alignment specs of my car between rear tire sizes. I only asked because I thought maybe I was going to learn something new, but my Hunter machine will allow me to align a car with the wheels off, so I wasn't hopeful.
  17. Rear drag pack alignment?

    Interesting, but I believe that Miami Power Wheels is incorrect about that. With all other things being equal, your suspension doesn't know what size tire is on it. I think they are just trying to sell alignments. Edit: After reading through their alignment page, your source has absolutely...
  18. Rear drag pack alignment?

    I'm curious why you think changing tire sizes would necessitate an alignment?
  19. Floor Jack Clearance Issue

    Raceramps makes these 3" tall ramps that you can drive up on to allow clearance for jacks. https://www.raceramps.com/ramps/trax-jax/p/rr-tj/
  20. 10R80 safer way to flush?

    I've done what you are proposing with a 6r80 and it worked well. In reality, it's the same way a BG transmission fluid exchange machine works. The problem with most newer Ford's is that it is difficult to get it up to and maintain operating temperature to open the thermostat so fluid flows...