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  1. Lethal Performances' guide to the perfect clutch for you!

    Awesome post .. LPX it is. To all don't skip the slave cylinder and pilot bearing. Cheap insurance.
  2. A cool Mustang Mach 1 video

    I got dibs on the first wrecked Mach 1 for a Tremec swap.
  3. student debt forgiveness is back

    Thank you for your service. Anyone who disrespects our military service members needs a mental adjustment. I wish you the best.
  4. student debt forgiveness is back

    In a big pickle with interest rates, inflation and debt. Think I will buy that supercharger now while this money is worth something.
  5. Recommendation for 2016 mustang gt mods

    Ok ignition on but not engine.. toggle octane switch to on and wait for whatever .....turn ignition off unplug procal and done... Thanks.
  6. Recommendation for 2016 mustang gt mods

    Stupid question but to do the OA do I need to start the car before toggling it on? Or just the start ignition button and plug in the procal tool.
  7. Recommendation for 2016 mustang gt mods

    Hmm.. never tried octane adjust. Just been using boostane to help reduce it. Not a long term solution. Summer is the worst.
  8. Looking for Advice - Tons of Issues

    It should say in date with mileage and release date/mileage. You should be good to go.
  9. Recommendation for 2016 mustang gt mods

    My engine has pinging/detonation with the kit. It's pretty bad at lower rpms. Spent months trying to fix it. Just determined the timing is too aggresive for my particular engine and how it runs. Not safe. What do you think that rattle is?
  10. Looking for Advice - Tons of Issues

    Every time I took my car in for repairs I kept all documentation given to me. It states the concern and what they found/did to fix the problem. I have quite the folder as my car has been a frequent visitor. The dealership should have no concerns giving you that information. Just tell them...
  11. Codes for both front o2's

    That passenger upper is a pita to get to btw.
  12. Looking for Advice - Tons of Issues

    How did you determine you have coolant in your oil? little milky or something?
  13. Recommendation for 2016 mustang gt mods

    Hows your 16' liking that Ford stage 2 kit? mine hates it.
  14. Running lean and detonation

    Been that route as well. Wouldn't doubt it. We have crappy over priced gas here in Ca.
  15. Running lean and detonation

    I don't have a way to log it, I was just going off my obd2 reader and its ltft and stft trends. The pinging/ detonation is enough for me to call it a day. I can only imagine what this constant use of boostane is doing to the internals. Its not worth it to me to continue to run this tune this...
  16. Who here has gotten COVID

    I wear a N95 mask at the grocery store. I keep shaved and do a test fit prior to leaving the car. We are required to get fit tested yearly for work. It's not fun to wear for extended periods. Better than living at the site. It was being considered by CISA. F that!
  17. Who here has gotten COVID

    I read that people with asthma and people with seasonal allergies have lower levels of Ace2 receptors and that actually helps them against Covid 19. It was in a medical article I came across a month or so ago.
  18. Is this a good deal?

    You can't rotate the tires with the PP1 is the only drawback. But you can always get a cheaper square setup for the winter months.
  19. Dreaded tick....

    I have the tick... that sounds like a tap. My ticking is sporadic and not at all timed like yours. Go listen to a few "ticking" vids and listen to yours.
  20. Odds of a replacement transmission

    so rare I am on my second with 42k miles. So rare there is a lawsuit stating Ford knows the MT82 was not designed to handle the torque and horsepower from the Mustang 5.0. 350ftlbs max.