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  1. Handling Package Option Code

    I was wondering the same thing about the seat delete. I don’t think there had been any mention of it before.
  2. 2021 Mustang Order Guide (Including Mach 1)

    The cloth seats are only on the 600A package. See note #2 on the right column of page 20.
  3. 2021 Mustang Order Guide (Including Mach 1)

    There’s an update at blue oval with the handling package.
  4. Handling Package Option Code

    It’s available here:
  5. Handling Package Option Code

    The guide was released late today. We had already received an allocation confirmation from the regional rep, so the order has been placed, priority 01
  6. Handling Package Option Code

    Found the code, it’s 60K for anyone else looking. Order has been placed :)
  7. Handling Package Option Code

    Does anyone know the option code for the Handling Package? My dealer has been unable to locate it, but ordering should’ve been available today. :(
  8. Wisconsin 2018 TCU (Telematics Control Module) with connector - Add FordPass!

    Do you still have the wiring diagram for this? I’m trying to figure out if it’s possible to block the data signals to it for track day events, saw your post and realized it isn’t as simple as the Ford telematics add-on module.
  9. 2021 Mustang ordering guide - when?

    According to today’s post by Ford, the handling package cannot be ordered until January 2021. On another forum, the guy that posts the order guides equated a handling package allocation to the painted stripe allocation on a GT500. So if you’re looking for a handling package car, ask the dealer...
  10. Mach 1 Options Prices

    The Nav option adds the built-in Nav, and a data subscription for traffic (5 years). But there's some confusion because that is included in the Ford Safe and Smart Package, which is included with all High Package cars. But it's an option on both 600A and 700A. No matter what though, you can...
  11. Mach 1 Options Prices

    I think the discrepancy is between Auto/Manual transmission.
  12. Mach 1 Options Prices

    I've seen it confirmed on another forum that it is a $1000 gas guzzler tax.
  13. 2021 Mach 1 Pricing Announced and Order Bank Opens

    I’m not a sponsor (yet) and don’t want to get too far off topic, but the VDM has some storage related to calibration and any DTC codes. It’s connected to the high speed bus, so it could log other things, but I don’t think it is. Interesting question though, something to investigate when I get...
  14. 2021 Mach 1 Pricing Announced and Order Bank Opens

    Actually, you could put something between the "nanny" telematics module and the rest of the vehicle. You send the telematics module valid signals so it things everything is ok. I have a data logger (shameless plug :wink:) that plugs into the OBD-II port on the HS (OBD-II) and MS (Ford low-speed...
  15. RHD Mach 1 Mustang Debuts at 2020 GoodWood SpeedWeek, On Sale Next Year in Europe

    Ford is doing an announcement at Goodwood SpeedWeek tomorrow. Some outlets are speculating it is the EU launch of the Mach 1.
  16. Mach 1 Options Prices

    I don't think the price is that bad compared to what you get. The "base" Mach 1 includes a lot of features standard. It's a little high for standard cloth seats, but there's a lot of little things you get with it (12" instrument cluster, active exhaust, etc.) and the few options are not a huge...
  17. Mach 1 Options Prices

    Does anyone know if it would be possible to put in a Mach 1 order now, then add the Handling Pack to the order later when it's available?
  18. 1 week away!!!! (Hopefully)

    October 14 was the day Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound, so they may be waiting for something to do with that. I find it fitting that October 12 (the day that the books should've opened) was also the day Chuck Yeager broke his ribs and almost didn't get to set the record. :cwl: October 12...
  19. 2021 Mustang ordering guide - when?

    I spoke with my dealer twice today, once around 9:30 and again around 4:30. They weren't able to order any 2021 Mustangs at all.
  20. 2021 Mustang ordering guide - when?

    Yeah, over on BlueOval, the person that normally posts the order guides said the guide was scheduled to be published, but it didn't actually get published. The Order Bank should be open, and they can look up things in there. But, there was a note that the web order bank wasn't updated yet. So...