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  1. GT350R with replacement engine live on BaT!

    So many possible answers's a Flat Rock's rear bumper was done during the great plague of was done by a company starting with a P....
  2. 2019 Mustang GT rpm

    It's not hard to swap out the cluster. I changed mine to a 2018 in my 2015 to have the digital speedometer and the higher redline to match my Ford power pack. Bought one from LKQ out of a wrecked vehicle. Key is you have to get one with lower mileage than your car so you can update it to your...
  3. Modifying As-Built Data Guide

    direct link to asbuilt
  4. Running lean and detonation

    There was a claim that 40% of people with this tune have detonation. Would be interesting to see a poll of where people leave who experience these issues to see if there is a relation to the gasoline in that geographic.
  5. SYNC 3 swap, It's all in here

    I don't want to say anything overly negative about Hextall with all of his contributions to this thread, so let's just say my experience was not good. After moving on, I found Breeves002 on this forum and couldn't be happier. I bought the whole kit for a 4" to 8" upgrade. The cable is an all in...
  6. SVE SP2 Staggered Tire Sizes (19x10 and 19x11 wheels)

    OP you can use this link. I wore it out when trying to decide what to do!
  7. SVE SP2 Staggered Tire Sizes (19x10 and 19x11 wheels)

    I used Michellin Pilot Super Sports on SVE 350 Wheels. 275/35 up front and 305/35 in the rear. Pics in this post.
  8. PP1 oil filter funnel

    One left on ebay
  9. What’s Wrong With This Pic

    It's polyester and not cotton?
  10. First 2021 GT500 Info Leaks

    Like many have speculated, the handling pack painted wheels may be "B" stock with appearance blemishes. Since they don't try to produce B stock, the amount available would be limited to what they already have and what % of B stock they expect through the model year. They aren't going to paint...
  11. Is this a FP PP3?

    Good catch. Could be the ad is wrong which never happens...Either way, some folks end up not liking the Recaro's and swapping them out for the premium seats. I would check the seat cooling and heating options to make sure they work. My understanding is it is very difficult if not impossible to...
  12. Motorcraft 5W-20 vs 5W-30 Synthetic Blend.

    20W vs 30W was what was being debated and not 50W. The original change was likely driven by fuel mileage improvements, but engine tolerances are much tighter these days to offset the change. From my previous post, Amsoil probably knows a thing or two about oil. They say going up or down a...
  13. Motorcraft 5W-20 vs 5W-30 Synthetic Blend.

    From a very well respected company - Amsoil. They also address oil that is too thin. Sorry about the big bold font below, just copied and pasted and not trying to be over dramatic! Oil that’s too thick may not...
  14. Low oil pressure

    Agree with cobrajet, that someone is hiding something. It really sounds like the original dealer who did the oil change used the wrong oil. Like maybe one formulated for a diesel that typically has a lot of additives and are also heavy weight which would have lowered the oil pressure. From...
  15. Horesepower needed to beat a bike

    Back in 1988 I had a Yamaha FZR 1000. I think you have to have ridden these crotch rockets to get the perspective. When you twisted the throttle, your gut would drop like being on a roller coaster and you hit go to jail speeds before you could say wtf!!! All I can say is, that old bike was a...
  16. I just picked up a 2020 GT500... My dad had to get one too!

    I am thinking that $10K stripes on a base is a harder sale (if that can even be said?!!) and could be why they were willing to deal more on that one. If it were me (and not likely!), I would feel like at that point I would try to push for the CFTP without the painted stripes or for sure wait for...
  17. Horesepower needed to beat a bike

    Yeah but at $200K base price with no options I would also have to live in it!
  18. I just picked up a 2020 GT500... My dad had to get one too!

    Not sure 9-11% is accurate, but it could be even higher. No car maker builds low production halo models to make less profit than on an economy sedan or SUV for themselves or the dealers. Especially when the upfront money to build, hold inventory and warranty are far greater. Invoice is just a...
  19. Horesepower needed to beat a bike

    As they say, if you have to ask you can't afford it - well at least I can't! You will need a McLaren P1 and they run about $1.2MM
  20. I just picked up a 2020 GT500... My dad had to get one too!

    BTW, OP Congrats, beautiful cars!