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  1. Tamadrummer88

    Highest mileage ecoboost?

    Just went over 18,000 yesterday. Bought new in March 2015 with 60 miles on it. Completely stock.
  2. Tamadrummer88

    Ford Racing ProCal Tune

    Im assuming Ford Performance has to apply for the necessary emissions permits and exemptions or whatever to get it to be sold there (Just like CARB in california)
  3. Tamadrummer88

    Has anyone installed a keypad?

    Insurance fraud, possibly.
  4. Tamadrummer88

    Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    I was excited about the digital gauge cluster, but was let down because it doesn't display any navigation information. Would've been cool if it could (maybe similar to Audi's virtual cockpit?)
  5. Tamadrummer88

    Has anyone installed a keypad?

    Volvo has a neat USB thumb drive looking key for all their new Volvo's that is a hell of a lot more convenient than their key fob. Ford should look into something like that.
  6. Tamadrummer88

    Guys who park outside...

    My car has been parked outside 24/7 since i got it two years ago. All i have are some curb damage from the 8 months i lived in an apartment with street parking (now i live in a complex with a parking lot and small garages) To me the key is a good wax and always keeping it somewhat clean. My 11...
  7. Tamadrummer88

    VTT Stage 2 Twin Scroll results, FINALLY!!

    I see, I thought the Vargas turbos were just stock EcoBoost turbo housings with modified goodies inside. I like your mod path, I'd just want to do that turbo with an intercooler and tune. I like the stealth sound and look.
  8. Tamadrummer88

    VTT Stage 2 Twin Scroll results, FINALLY!!

    What other mods do you have? Also, being that it's a stock modified turbo, do you think it would alter the sound of the stock exhaust?
  9. Tamadrummer88

    2015 Mustang EB I4 Reliability

    I bought my EcoBoost in March of 2015. It was a November 2014 build, so it has the early Spain built motor. I only have 15,800 on it as of now and its been pretty trouble free, aside from the short hesitations at half throttle (i attribute to spark plugs, may change them soon) All stock too.
  10. Tamadrummer88

    Lebanon Ford is selling 1200 whp now...

    I thought that in some states its against the law to sell cars with dealer (not factory) modifications before the car is sold?
  11. Tamadrummer88

    No reverse mirror tilt?

    I personally find those mirrors that tilt down incredibly annoying. I wanna make sure I'm not gonna hit the car next to me when reversing, not the damn stall lines. Lots of european cars do that, and mostly its the american luxury cars that have that feature
  12. Tamadrummer88

    Boy, those factory Ecoboost motors are sure hot. . .

    I remember looking at the (new for the time) 2005 Mustang, and so the saleslady took me out to look at a V6 Mustang, and told me it had 300hp (V6 was like 210 or something at the time) I told her this is the V6, it has only 210, but she kept convincing me that its 300. I just left it at that.
  13. Tamadrummer88

    Adding navigation to non-nav MyFord touch

    According to your original post it says that Ford has blocked the nav part. Is that still correct?
  14. Tamadrummer88

    Adding navigation to non-nav MyFord touch

    My 2015 has MyFord touch and I was reading that navigation can be installed through the SD card on non navigation MyFord touch units. Someone told me that non navigation equipped cars don't have the necessary hardware to make it work but I don't buy that. Besides the SD card, what else would I...
  15. Tamadrummer88

    Convertible Sticker On Rear Panel?

    Yep, which is only 28 degrees fahrenheit.
  16. Tamadrummer88

    2018 new dash thoughts?

    I think 401A is gonna stay the same, but there may be a tech package with all the driver aids and this cluster screen.
  17. Tamadrummer88

    Official: 2018 Ford Mustang Refresh Detailed! (Options/Features, Specs, Photos, Info)

    What would be really cool is if they changed the current Mustang key fob for the new 17 Fusion Keyfob. Looks very Audi like and feels pretty substantial.
  18. Tamadrummer88

    15-17 owners, what will make you trade for an '18?

    I honestly thought the 18 refresh wasn't gonna be much, i thought it was gonna be some small fascia revisions, a tiny bump in power, and some newer tech goodies. But this to me looks pretty substantial. I would definitely trade my EcoBoost for an 18 GT.
  19. Tamadrummer88

    2018 new dash thoughts?

    I highly doubt it will be a standalone option, Ford is moving in the direction of other automakers in which they're making high priced options packages with very popular options. They'll probably package it together with some other tech stuff and call it the Technology package or something...