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  1. Can anybody tell the difference in these Mishimoto Induction Hoses?

    https://www.lethalperformance.com/mishimoto-ford-mustang-gt-silicone-induction-hose-2015-2017-2015-2017-mustang-mmhose-mus8-15ihbk.html https://www.lethalperformance.com/mishimoto-silicone-induction-hose-15-17-mustang-gt-mmhose-mus8-15ih.html They look exactly the same, but one is specifically...
  2. A/C system pressure - compressor turning on and off

    I'm having an issue with the A/C Compressor working erratically. Here is a video of it with a gauge connected to the low service port, where it is 30psi when the compressor runs, then the compressor stops and pressure rises until it gets to about 45 psi and switches on again. Common knowledge...
  3. New Mexico Used OEM PP wheels with tires, $750 OBO

    I got new wheels, so I am selling the stock 2017 GT Performance Pack wheels with variably used tires. Good condition, 26,000 miles, some curb rash on 2 of them (pictures below). Located in Albuquerque, I might be willing to ship if you are willing to pay for it. $750 + shipping OBO. Front...
  4. Drake Hood Pin install question

    For anybody that has installed these, did you remove the MAF and intake housing? The instructions say to do this but I can't for the life of me figure out why. It isn't anywhere near in the way.
  5. Full Tilt Boogie Racing (FTBR)

    I ordered FTBRs Shifter Reinforcement Bracket off of their ebay site, it was well priced with free shipping, came within a few days, and is of great quality. They get my seal of approval. For more info on my experience and install check my Build Thread.
  6. Account/Build List?

    Hey everyone at Steeda! I see there have been some updates on the web site, but I can't seem to find a link to get to my account or build list. I see it still exists as adding a new item to my list takes me there, am I just missing it?
  7. Supposedly you can enter the Sweepstakes hourly now, but...

    AM won't allow me to enter hourly like it says. It says I have to wait another day. Anybody else having this issue?
  8. Useless reverse light

    Am I the only one that thinks the reverse light is useless? There's only one light on the lower back that cannot be seen from the side, so it's useless in parking lots for cross traffic. It's super low so high cars like SUVs are barely able to see it. I have looked for options to fix the issue...
  9. Show us your rock chips!

    With the soft paint on these cars I'm sure many of us have a ton of rock chips. It's time to show off and brag (at least before we Dr. Colorchip them)! I have also gone through 3 windshields :muscle:
  10. Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    I have decided to start chronicling my Mustang journey here now that I am going to get more serious about modding. Up to this point I have done a few things, but now I have plans and a monthly budget to both keep me in check and make sure I'm actually doing something. I have very little...
  11. Things to check while I have the wheels off!

    I'm painting my brake calipers this weekend, and I plan to check my brake pads, axle nuts, and wheel bearings while I have easy access to them. Is there anything else I should look at while I have the wheels off and in the air?
  12. Satin pearl white?

    Do you have any photos of the satin pearl white stripes? I'm thinking of doing wide dual stripes with black pinstripes on my Grabber Blue.
  13. Brake Booster Vacuum hose broken

    The connecter from the air intake tube to the brake booster vacuum hose apparently corroded and broke. The car still seems to run fine and the brakes work properly. I have two questions: 1. Can this small part be purchased somewhere? 2. Obviously I'm going to fix it, but Is it safe to drive in...