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  1. All 15-20 GT350 recalls/tsb's

    UPDATE - VIDEO ADDED BELOW working on a video for the GT350 community that goes over all the recalls/tsb's for the 15-20 GT350. before I record the video I want members to see if I missed anything. I was surprised I didn't find anything about oil consumption or engine failures. please let me...
  2. Every GT350 Color 2015-2020

  3. All 22 S550 GT500 Colors

  4. Initial Impressions (S550 GT500)

    For those of you that are on the fence about an S550 GT500, here are my impressions after a month.
  5. 2022 GT500 Builder is live

    Finally. It has some bugs but it works. https://www.ford.com/cars/mustang/?intcmp=hp-bb-rv
  6. 2023 GT500?

    Many of us have been under the assumption that 2022 was the last year of the S550 GT500. Now it looks like the S550 generation will survive for another year. So this begs the question, will the current GT500 live on for another year...
  7. With the end in sight for the Hellcats, how much longer will the GT500 hold on.

    As many of you have probably seen, Dodge announced that Hellcat powered vehicle will not survive past 2023 due to emission standards. With that said, how much longer will the GT500 be able to survive in its current form without some form of electrification...
  8. Engine priming after winter storage.

    For those of you who are getting ready to take your Shelbys out for this first time when the winter is over.
  9. 2021 Mutang Builder is Live

    The 2021 mustang builder is up and as we expected, the GT350 is gone.
  10. 2020 GT500 Collector Coin

  11. GT350R Carbon Wheel warranties

    With the carbon wheels the on the GT350R being so pricey, many on here have gone with wheel warranties. some feel these companies may be questionable when it comes time to make a claim. With that being said, has anyone ever made a claim on a carbon wheel and had it replaced without issue? When...
  12. Had an interesting morning. Tried to look at a GT500

    So like most mustang owners, I appreciate all mustangs of various years and makes. For a while now I’ve been wanting to see a GT500 CFTP in person. Today I happened to notice that my closest dealer just had one arrive so I decide to take a look before going to work. Gives me a good reason to...
  13. New Jersey BMR jacking rails new in box CJR002H

    FS. i have a brand new set of BMR low profile jacking rails in black hammertone in the box if anyone is interested. $80 / located in central NJ https://www.bmrsuspension.com/?page=products&productid=1774&superpro=0
  14. 2020 GT350R accessories

    its a done deal. paperwork is signed and the money is transferred. the car is hopefully leaving friday and should arrive the first week of may. https://www.amesford.com/commercial-new/Ford/2020-Ford-Shelby+GT350-467ce5140a0e0ae86cefb77b2c3e2419.htm i will not be doing anything major but have...
  15. 350R allocation

    So after speaking to my local dealer about a 350R I was surprised to find out they don’t have an R allocated to them. They can get the standard car but not the R. Does anyone know how to go about appealing to Ford for an allocation? Apparently it can be done if anyone follows Joe Raiti’s...