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  1. Arizona OEM 2019 GT Heated Steering Wheel

    Selling my factory heated steering wheel off my 2019 GT Premium. Came off the car 28,750 miles. This is off a manual GT. The wheel is in good condition with no rips or frayed stitching. Asking $75 plus shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. May ship out of the US but at buyer's expense.
  2. Alignment shops in Arizona

    Anyone have any recommendations in the Mesa or possibly Phoenix area that has experience with doing alignments on S550's? I'm doing a bunch of suspension parts in a few weeks and I don't really want to take my car to a big chain shop that will just set the specs to factory and call it good.
  3. Caliper Repainting Color

    My calipers are hazy from who knows what, so when I do all my suspension mods at the end of the month, I'm going to repaint them, and clean the surface rust off my rotors as well. I'm going with G2 caliper paint, just can't decide on a color. I feel like I should get the custom color and go...
  4. New rims and tires.

    So, I ordered all my suspension components and I figured instead of waiting to get new rims and tires, I might as well get them too and do everything at once. I'm planning on ordering the rims/tires at the end of September. For the rims, I'm going with SVE R355 19x10 and 19x11 in Gloss Black. I...
  5. Upgrading Suspension Components.

    Looks like Steeda is currently having a sale. I was going to wait until the end of September to order parts, but the sale is probably going to get me to buy earlier. I've had a set of springs sitting on the corner of my room since March and I was going to wait to put them on until I could get...
  6. Arizona MT82 Stock Shift Knob

    I have my stock shift knob from my 2019 GT. Came off my car at around 24k miles. It's in good shape. No scratches or gouges in the leather. Asking $40 shipped to the continental US. I accept Paypal.
  7. Arizona Gloss Black GT Decklid Emblem

    I have a Gloss Black GT Decklid Emblem I never used. It was part of a 4 piece kit sold on cjponyparts.com(Part # EK19 on CJ's website.) Asking for $40 shipped in the continental US. I accept Paypal.
  8. Drove over a curb and cut my tire.

    Earlier today I was getting dinner and was distracted by the large number of cars in a parking lot and turned in a little too early and drove over the curb with the passenger side of my car. I was probably going 15-20MPH if I had to guess. The front passenger side has some minor curb rash on...
  9. Arizona Gloss Black GT Trunk Emblem

    Looking to get rid of a Gloss Black GT Emblem I didn't end up using. Gloss Black GT Trunk Emblem. Went with a blank panel and a coyote emblem instead so I have no use for it. Taken out of the package to take photos and that was it. GT Emblem: $45 shipped via Paypal, lower 48 states only.
  10. Random plug laying on the floor.

    I found this plastic plug laying on the floor behind the driver's seat. Anyone have any idea where it might belong?
  11. 2018+ Style Renegade Tail Lights(Winjet)

    Ordered a pair of these with the 2018+ styling earlier this week. Was all set to put them in today, got the trunk stripped out and one tail light out, went to grab the tail light out of the box and I hear something rattling around inside. I checked the other tail light, nothing. Never even...
  12. Possibly buying a 2019 GT Premium PP1 from a dealership. What to look for?

    I'll preface this by saying is my first post and that I've been lurking on the forum for a couple of months reading whatever I can about these cars. I haven't had a Mustang or performance car for that matter since my 2004 Cobra that was totaled in 2009/2010, so I've been reading/watching videos...