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  1. Track fuel

    I misunderstood when I called the track earlier. Unleaded is 104 Sunoco 13% E. He said the 500s run it all the time with no issues. Thanks to all for the help
  2. Track fuel

  3. Track fuel

    I would like to run 93 but that’s not available at the track so I’m stuck between the 91 and 110 unless I take my gas cans.
  4. Track fuel

    $12/gal which I’m not worried about. I’ll just fill up with 110 between each session just wanted to make sure there were no negative effects. Didn’t think there would be as long as it’s unleaded. Thanks
  5. Track fuel

    Yes it’s unleaded and the car is completely stock. That sounds like a good plan. Maybe I’ll just fill up with 110 between every session and not let it get too low so it’s always mixing with the 93. Wasn’t sure if it was ok to run 110. Thanks
  6. Track fuel

    I’ve always ran 93 octane but headed to a track that only has 91 ethanol free and 110. Are either of these OK or should I just fill my jugs up with 93 before I go?
  7. GT350 Owner COTA Ride-Along 2020 GT500 CFTP with Intercom! (video)

    What happened to Tim? Too many YouTube videos?
  8. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    That crossed my mind after I left. I’ll find out when I take it in next week. Wouldn’t mind having a spare laying around.
  9. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    Spoke to the service manager at my dealer today. He looked at my pics and said as long as they mention “delamination” to Ford they will cover it. He ordered a new wheel and it should arrive sometime next week. Thanks to @Tomster for the encouragement to push for a warranty replacement. The...
  10. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    I’m taking it in next week for the dealer to have a look but have zero expectations. I’ll let you know the outcome.
  11. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    For track use I would say yes there would be an issue. I don’t think they get hot enough during normal street driving to worry about. Just my opinion.
  12. Carbon Wheel Experience Regarding Damage

    Looks like I’ll be sending mine off to Spyder this winter. 700 miles on the car. Was driving on a clean paved road - no idea where the rock came from. Pulled the wheel and sprayed it with a small electric pressure washer. The ceramic coating easily peels away from the wheel, just like removing...
  13. The return of Project: Shelby GT500 Code Red (1300 HP, 30 Unit Limited Edition)

    I can confirm Fathouse is doing the builds for Shelby.
  14. Lug nut question

    These are the nuts that came with my SVE wheels also. The factory nuts fit but are very tight in the holes. I’ve checked the torque a few times since installation and they haven’t loosened. I would think if they weren’t seating well they would loosen a little after driving.
  15. Lug nut question

    I received a set of black West Coast Wheel Accessories lug nuts with my aftermarket wheels for my Mach 1. Didn’t like the black nuts on that car but was curious if they would be ok on the carbon fiber wheels given there is much less surface area actually contacting the wheel.
  16. 2022 GT500 Registry - Add Your Shelby

    1621 - N0763 - Grant4514b - CFTP - M6G
  17. 2022 GT500 Production Numbers

    Looks like we have the same car. Mine was delivered 2 weeks ago.
  18. 2022 GT500 Production Numbers

    Mine was built May 31 and has chassis #763. I saw one that was built in the middle of June with a chassis # around 1100. I’m thinking there will be somewhere around 3-4k this year but that’s just a guess. Over the past couple months I’ve been searching, I think nearly half coming to dealers...
  19. What's my 2020 base GT500 worth?

    Just because you see them listed for mid 90’s doesn’t mean they’re selling for that. I’d say if you can get close to 80k for yours and get a CFTP for sticker price that’s a pretty good deal. I called about 20 dealers in the past couple weeks and least markup I found on a CFTP was 15k.
  20. What 2022 GT500 are you Getting?

    They must have hundreds sitting. Mine was built May 31 and delivered yesterday. Chassis N0763. It had obviously been sitting outside for a while based on how much dirt was caked on it. She’s all cleaned up now though.