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  1. Looking at wheel options

    I went with Black R355's myself. I've always loved 5 spoke wheels. I considered Bronze, but I was never able to see any Bronze wheels in person on an S550. They're still sitting in the corner of the house waiting for me to do my suspension mods next week.
  2. New rims and tires.

    I bought the Carpro Dlux and used it on my new rims, but then I decided I'm just going to have my car professionally paint corrected and ceramic coated. I don't have the patience or knowledge to do a full paint correction.
  3. New rims and tires.

    Had to go with 305/30/19 for the rear. 325's were on national backorder with no ETA from Continental.
  4. Arizona OEM 2019 GT Heated Steering Wheel

    Price lowered to $75 + shipping. Figure shipping will be $20-$30.
  5. New rims and tires.

    I decided on tire sizes finally. I'm going with Continental Extreme Contact Sport 02's in 285/35/19 and 325/30/19. My question is, do I need to run any kind of spacer anymore? I currently have 1" spacers on my stock PP1 wheels. I know I won't need a 1" spacer, but will I need anything for the...
  6. Looking for 1st hand input for central AZ shops to do ceramics on multiple cars.

    I just went to Hyer Quality Detail today to have them tell me how much of a paint correction I needed. Looks like I'm looking at around $1500 for multistage paint correction and their Silver package ceramic coating. Here's what their coatings included and the prices. Bronze: $550 Silver: $800...
  7. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    It comes with 20 or 21 self taping screws. I used all of them and some double sided tape just incase. It feels similar to the OEM PP1 lip. It's pretty thin, but it feels sturdy mounted. I'm not disappointed with it. Plus, it's affordable to replace if it ever gets too damaged.
  8. Ford performance hood struts

    Cut a slit in the battery cover hole you drill, so you can slip it off over the strut. Most of the other brands mention that in the instructions or install videos. Not sure if the Ford struts do.
  9. Upgrading Suspension Components.

    In 3 weeks I'll be taking a week off work to get all this done. Does anyone have a recommended order to install all the rear parts? All the front parts will be done at the same time. I don't want to have to loosen the subframe multiple times. Below is the list of parts I bought. Steeda Pro...
  10. New rims and tires.

    I think I remember reading you can buy the certificates up to a month after your purchase, is that correct?
  11. New rims and tires.

    How many people get the certificates from Discount Tire? I'm not entirely sure if it's worth it to me. I know they make a substantial amount of money off it hoping that the people who buy the certificates never use them. But in the last 20+ years of driving, I've only gotten a flat tire twice...
  12. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Sure, here's the link. It is one piece and it's held on with self taping screws. I added some double sided tape just incase. https://www.ebay.com/itm/192691348377
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed an eBay PP2 splitter(Cuztom Tuning.) Couldn't justify spending $500+ on the OEM one.
  14. Arizona OEM 2019 GT Heated Steering Wheel

    Selling my factory heated steering wheel off my 2019 GT Premium. Came off the car 28,750 miles. This is off a manual GT. The wheel is in good condition with no rips or frayed stitching. Asking $75 plus shipping to anywhere in the lower 48 states. May ship out of the US but at buyer's expense.
  15. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Installed a Revesol carbon fiber steering wheel I bought from the market section.
  16. Alignment shops in Arizona

    Ok. I'll check them out.
  17. Alignment shops in Arizona

    Network Alignment it looks like. About a 100 mile round trip.
  18. Caliper Repainting Color

    Decided on the Red. Have to order some replacement Brembo stickers then find the willpower to actually paint them.
  19. Alignment shops in Arizona

    Anyone have any recommendations in the Mesa or possibly Phoenix area that has experience with doing alignments on S550's? I'm doing a bunch of suspension parts in a few weeks and I don't really want to take my car to a big chain shop that will just set the specs to factory and call it good.
  20. Caliper Repainting Color

    My calipers are hazy from who knows what, so when I do all my suspension mods at the end of the month, I'm going to repaint them, and clean the surface rust off my rotors as well. I'm going with G2 caliper paint, just can't decide on a color. I feel like I should get the custom color and go...