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  1. 3.55 Rear End 2018 GT PP1 A10 5.0 Torsen?

    I have a 2017 GT auto with Trac Lok 3.15, and a 2018 EB PP manual with Torsen 3.55. Based on what I've seen in this thread, it would appear that both of these differentials used the smaller flange. If that is true, is it a simple swap to move these differential housings between these two cars...
  2. Illinois SVE wheels, 19x11, $600 obo

    Yes they are.
  3. COBB tunes for HPDE

    To close the loop, I did buy a Spec Racer Ford. As much as I love my Ecostang, I'm going to have to sell it.
  4. COBB tunes for HPDE

    Here is a front view pic. It vents out at the bottom of the wheel well. In reality, this car needs a much bigger oil cooler to have any material effect on oil temps.
  5. Illinois SVE wheels, 19x11, $600 obo

    Set of 4 SVE 19x11 wheels with Kumho Ectsa V730 305/30 tires. The wheels are in great shape with no damage or curb rash. ET 50 offset. The tires might be good for one more track day, however one of the tires has some chords showing on the inside shoulder (run it on the rear). These wheels...
  6. Illinois 2017 Mustang GT Suspension, $250 OBO

    Bump...$150, obo. These would be great for someone with a higher mileage stock suspension car that just wants to bring it back to almost new ride quality.
  7. Illinois 2017 Mustang GT Suspension, $250 OBO

    These components were removed from a 2017 Mustang GT convertible with less than 10k miles, never driven in winter. Includes front strut assemblies, rear springs and shocks, and a front sway bar. Local pickup only, Oak Brook, IL, 60523. $150, OBO.
  8. $1500 to spend on improving the handling - what to do?

    Yes! I have this on my 2018 coupe (in pic above). It is a phenomenal suspension setup, for street or track.
  9. $1500 to spend on improving the handling - what to do?

    I run a 19x11 square setup with 305/30s, for track days. 1" spacers up front, none out back. No issues.
  10. The big Intercooler thread.

    The Mishimoto radiator is a nice piece. Your car will run at the exact same temp unless you change the t-stat. If you are interested in HPDE, I can tell you from experience, the Mishi rad is not enough. You need ducting and venting. A lot of work. But for street use, the stock cooling system...
  11. The big Intercooler thread.

    "Next up I’m sticking a Mishimoto or C&F radiator for more cooling" Are you experiencing cooling problems with the stock radiator? If you simply want the car to run cooler, you can install a 160 deg t-stat. You only need a larger rad if you are exceeding the thermal capacity of the existing...
  12. Kuhmo 730s vs Supercar 3Rs

    Yep, I think you're right. However, if I didn't ask the question, I'd never know whether or not anyone else had an answer. But again, thanks for your help.
  13. Kuhmo 730s vs Supercar 3Rs

    I appreciate the thoughts, but it was the outside tire, and I experienced no such issues with the 3R. So my question still stands for anyone who has track experience with BOTH of these tires.
  14. Kuhmo 730s vs Supercar 3Rs

    And my original questions was this: "I'm curious if there is anyone else out there who has used both of these tires (Goodyear Supercar 3R and Kuhmo 730) for HPDE, and what their experiences and/or observations are?" I'd still be curious if there is anyone with HPDE experience, using BOTH of...
  15. Kuhmo 730s vs Supercar 3Rs

    Same pressures, same alignment as the 3Rs. If I buy any more track tires for this car, they will be the 3Rs.
  16. COBB tunes for HPDE

    I have a analog oil temp gauge installed as well. It does show the actual oil temp slightly lower than the inferred temp (e.g., 265 vs 280), but it's still a little high for extended running. I can't say I noticed any drop in oil pressure with the Mishi cooler. I use Track Addict for my data...
  17. COBB tunes for HPDE

    I think the Mishi oil cooler is too small to have any material impact on oil temp, at the track. I put mine up front, ducted around it, exhausting into the wheel well. Doesn't do much. A fan may help.
  18. Kuhmo 730s vs Supercar 3Rs

    No threads yet, but I can't really tell how much rubber is left on the inside edges of the other three. Again, it's a square setup, so I rotate them after each event. The tire showing threads was the most heavily loaded at the last event. I suspect whatever tire I would put in the front left...
  19. Kuhmo 730s vs Supercar 3Rs

    Could be braking. But I'm still confused why the softer Supercar 3Rs held up much better than the harder 730s. That is the real mystery to me.