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  1. Any Recommended shop to install MGW short throw shifter

    Chris is a good guy. I went to him for the pulley and tune on my 03 Cobra. He also welded in the frame rail connectors. Crap, thinking about it, that was just about 20 years ago...
  2. Any Recommended shop to install MGW short throw shifter

    Talk to Chris at Excessive in Manassas.
  3. All-Season Tires on Stock Wheels. Help Please.

    Why bother? The OEM rims are different widths and off-set, so they cannot be rotated.
  4. Need help! Stripped vent plug

    With it being soft brass you can work it slowly with progressively larger bits. If you load the bit with grease, you can minimize the chance of shavings dropping in. If you get the brass thin enough it might break out with an ez-out.
  5. MBRP Resonator Delete Xpipe vs Corsa double x pipe delete... which one?

    I used the one from Lethal. It's made by Stainless Works, and is a nice price.
  6. Removing Brake Dust Shield

    Without getting into whether or not they are present on the OP's vehicle... Every one I've dealt with was riveted in place. A drill or grinder will take the heads off.
  7. Tire jack

    I learned as a kid to handle the heavy wheels on my Dad's Peterbuilt. Roll the tire up on a crowbar, and use the leverage to lift it. I've taught my kids the same way, and it works well for my son, since he owns a big tired 4x4.
  8. Tire jack

    I prefer the Reverse Logic lug guide tool to slide wheels on and off over the Brembos.
  9. Get wheels painted?

    It isn't the fact of the warranty. It is a matter that if the process softens the wheels, it may not be safe to run them.
  10. Get wheels painted?

    Realize that some wheel companies void their warranty if you powder coat their wheels. My guess is that the heat messes with the hardness of the wheel.
  11. Oil Pressure Fluctuation on Acceleration

    Just a suggestion for your own wellbeing. Get some blue painter's tape. Apply it over the face of the gauge, and move on with life.
  12. Wheels of Fortune - Signature Wheels

    Nope. That's when the weddings come $$$.
  13. Anyone have a GT350 Driveshaft for sale?

    OP, If you end up working a deal with Charlie, you can do so with confidence. I bought a set of wheels from him about 3 years ago. No issues.
  14. My GT350 after headers, intake, tune and E85 dyno results

    The OP was last seen in 2018...
  15. WIX Racing Filter 51515R

    For street use the racing filters (not just Wix) that allow greater particulate matter through will cause premature wear. If it was only seeing track days, and the oil was getting changed after each race weekend, that would be a reason to use a race filter.
  16. WIX Racing Filter 51515R

    Why would you want to? Wix racing filters let 60 microns through, vs. the standard which only let's 20 micron sized crap through.
  17. Fabric Top Sun Protection?

    Both RaggTopp and 303 are good products. During the 17 years that I had my 03 Cobra vertn I used both. Those cars had the canvas tops vs. GTs that used vinyl. The canvas came from Jaguar, owned by Ford at the time. With those products, it still looked new when I said goodbye.
  18. GT350R tire size on GT350 base

    You can, but why? If you are also increasing rim width to R sizes, then it makes sense.
  19. Confused about aftermarket lug nuts

    JAJ, impact wrenches are not the only issue. Back in the 1970's I dealt with these in the Northern Ohio rust belt. The snow and road salt would seep in and rust the steel nut, expanding and splitting the cap. This wasn't just a Ford issue. Most of the OEMs used them, and all were problematic...
  20. When should I change my oil?

    No, no, no... That would be an oil ex-change. Oil changes are when you switch brands every time, using the cheapest stuff you can find. I have discovered that at yard sales the tin topped cardboard quarts are super economical.