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  1. Poll: Where do you get your oil changed?

    And here comes the customary welcome to the forum: "so sell the car and get a used Prius!!!".
  2. Poll: Where do you get your oil changed?

    To each is own but making mistakes is usually (one of) the path to learning. The first time you make it that way, the next time will be better. Cheers!
  3. Airbag Replacement

    Good to hear! The seat tensioner as well the airbags are just like resistors to the SRS module, that's the one firing the charge. People that do tensioners/airbag deletes just replace them with resistors to trick the module. I don't think there is any programming to be done and I'm pretty sure...
  4. Poll: Where do you get your oil changed?

    Do it yourself, it's very easy to do and you'll develop a skill. Plus manual labor gets me relaxed.
  5. How much to deduct for a former factory buyback?

    That's not because of a lemon that I would not buy them but for the level of grit onto them. Sure the previous owner was a certified gentleman with certified professional car upkeeping skills.
  6. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    That's the wrong kind of car if you are interested in things like this, or modifying it, or have any basic rights over it like... repairing it?
  7. If you had only 500 dollars

    I don't get that. How is that you buy a car and then you have to pay for things like "acceleration boost" or "heated rear seats", on a recurring basis? Sometimes I think that working an honest job and trying to do that with integrity and professionalism is wasted in this world. For the 500$...
  8. Why do shops always have to bullcorn?

    That's why I always try to limit the shop visits to the things I cannot absolutely take care of myself (past weekend I did the timing belt on wife's car...). When the car have to go to the shop I never loose sight of it, or of the main entrance and I'm sure it's well understood beforehand which...
  9. Dead Battery Issues

    I've heard mine occasionally priming the fuel system when I'm doing some works in the garage, even if the key fob is a hundred meters away and I did not touch the car for days. My guess is that is is connected to the car regularly waking up some subsystems (like the Body Controller Unit) needed...
  10. Dead Battery Issues

    Just put the key fob inside the car when washing, preferably in the cup holder. Car will not continuously lock and unlock this way, it will remain open.
  11. No crank no start in coyote swap ecoboost

    I'm sorry but I don't know how it is on the 6R. But if I were in you I will check into how the system works because I guess your not start condition is related to that.
  12. what is this sound

    So there is a sound you can faintly hear only when the wind doesn't blow and the angles on the wall are right... but you go and put a bottle of unknown / not approved concoction in your engine?
  13. No crank no start in coyote swap ecoboost

    You already said that, you need a good quality scan tool. Forscan with the appropriate OBDLink interface. Going with a ground unplugged most of the times will results in modules / sensors not powered or not powered enough. What can fry them is intermittent contact or shorts but usually car...
  14. Where is the lane keeping button

    That's because you don't have an European Mercedes. It's turned on by default and of course to disable it you have to dig through menus because there is no physical button for it... much like the Stop and Start crap but for that at least for that there is a button. In the MB extremely picky...
  15. No Start/No Crank

    Read the PCM PIDs with Forscan, there are a bunch of the called something by "engine start not allowed by...", it should point you close to the reason the engine won't start.
  16. Airbag Replacement

    You can do it. I never did but I know it's feasible. You have to replace the blown airbag and any seatbelt tensioner that activated. After that there is the option to clear the crash data both into IDS or FDRS, depending on model year of your car. If you don't have appropriate software...
  17. Airbag Replacement

    You know which forum you asked, right? Most of the people here will total the car even if it only requires a good wash... Anyway, first of all you need a good assessment of the car. Probably she's still good but before proceeding go to a reputable shop and have them take the measurements and...
  18. Recaro premature wear- common? Easy fix or warranty ?

    That's why in the last 15 years none of mine or my family cars ever seen a dealer. They break more things than they fix.
  19. Recaro premature wear- common? Easy fix or warranty ?

    The wear can be limited by learning how to seat properly and loosing weight, although it can not be prevented entirely (unless you put the car into a museum). I highly recommend a leather cleaner that also hydrates followed by e lather sealant. Avoid the cheap products, go for the good ones. I...
  20. Rear Ended, seeking advice

    Have it fixed, cars are durable items.