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  1. Front end strut tower dimensions

    Anyone know of any dimensions or some diagonals to measure the strut towers? My car got a little tweaked and I need to measure and see whats going on, just looking for some baseline numbers
  2. California Looking for driver side half shaft for 18 mustang GT (bay area cali)

    Looking for driver side half shaft for 18 mustang GT (bay area cali)
  3. California WTB SVE R350 Wheel 19x11 +50

    Looking for one to replace a damaged wheel
  4. Brake shields??

    I've got a 2018 GT (non PP) that I put PP brembos on. I was struggling big time last track day with overheating the brakes. I put PP lower control arms on it recently which have the brake air deflectors on them, do the PP cars use a full rotor dust shield?? Seems like not a ton of air will...
  5. Powerstop rotor failure

    Just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with power stop rotors ? I had one catastrophically fail on me on the road course. I'm pretty unhappy with both American muscle and powerstop. All I wanted was a refund for this "track day" brake kit. American muscle said , sorry it's over 30 days...