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  1. Finally! 10’s N/A 2022 GT A10

    Well, finally got our 10 sec pass(barely😂). Today was our last race for the year. We’ve got more goodies planned for this winter to hopefully put us in the 10.8’s consistently for next season. Previous best was 11.006 with a 1.72 60’ Today was 10.991 with a 1.68 60’
  2. Weight reduction on “Drag Pack”

    I decided to change wheel and tire set-up to reduce rotating weight. I was previously on Weld Belmont drag 17x10’s(MT ET StreetR,305/45R17) and 17x5(MT ET Street Front,27x6.00R17). I switched to Billet Specialties 17x10(Hoosier 28x10.5R17) and Billet Specialties 18x5(MT ET Street Front...
  3. Oregon Weld Racing Belmont Drag(Front&Rear)

    Weld Racing Belmont Drag Rears 17x10 Single Beadlock on MT ET Street R 305/45R17 Fronts 17x5 on MT Street Fronts(Radial) 27x6.00R17 Everything bought new this year. 40 passes at the track, zero street time. Paid $3600…..Selling for $2700. Located near Portland, OR.
  4. 2022 GT 1/4 race day. So close to 10 second pass

    We came so close today to that 10 sec pass. Car ran its best ET and MPH to date. All 3 passes were 127mph. Still launching at idle(trying to keep it simple for my 19yr old son who drives the car). I think at some point this summer we’ll do a transbrake and 2-step so we can lunch off a button...
  5. Drake 15+ Hood Pin Kit

    Not sure how many of you are running a aftermarket hood, but I have the Cervini Cobra R hood that actually doesn’t require hood pins. That being said I decided to add hood pins as another layer of safety. I’m impressed with the quality of this kit(FRZ-6316892-CL). It’s stainless so no parts to...
  6. Oregon Viking Crusader Drag Shocks

    Used Viking Crusader Double Adjustable Rear Drag Shocks. Used last summer. 2015-2023. $495 shipped….or pick them up near Portland,OR.
  7. It didn’t go well at the track….

    Well, unfortunately our day ended before it even got started. What did happen is 100% my fault, my son and myself learned some valuable lessons yesterday. When we were prepping the car the day before, I failed to torque the drivers side lug nuts. My son was warming up the car just prior to the...
  8. Race weight for 2023 race season: 3450 lbs with 1/2 full tank

    Finally got the car weighed. 3450 with 1/2 tank E85. We typically run with less then 1/4, so that should save us another 20+ lbs.
  9. Oregon JLT Cobra Jet CAI 2015-2023

    New, in box. 2015-2023. $225.00 JLT cobra jet cold air intake.
  10. Oregon 2022 GT Intake manifold and throttle body

    Gen 3 intake and throttle body. Less then 600 miles on car when taken off. $350 OBO Located near Portland,OR.
  11. Baer SS4+ Front Drag

    Got the Baer front drag set-up to drop some more weight. OEM rotor is 28.8lbs, the Baer is 14.4lbs. Haven’t weighed the caliper yet but the total savings should be over 45lbs.
  12. Radium Engineering Coolant Tank Kit

    For those looking to get rid of the big ugly coolant tank, Radium Engineering makes this very nice 2 piece billet tank. Cost is approx $325.
  13. 2022 Mustang GT A10 Cobra Jet/VMP Twin 69/PMAS/Radium

    Car is currently getting another round of mods for the upcoming race season. Car will also be dyno tuned in the next week. I’m curious to compare new dyno tune to my previous tune. All work has/is being done by Kaiser Motorsports in Tacoma, WA. I’ll post the dyno when it’s done. Ran a best of...
  14. Oregon NEW BMR CB762 IRS Subrame Support System

    New, never used. BMR CB762. $195. Located near Portland, OR.
  15. (SOLD) Mickey Thompson Sportsman S/R 28x6.00R18

    Like new, less then 100 miles. Paid $750 for the pair. Asking $525.00 Ran these on my Weld 18x5’s. Located near Portland,OR….willing to meet within reason.
  16. Cervini Cobra R hood installed.

    Needed a aftermarket hood to accommodate the Cobra Jet intake manifold going on the car next month. I really didn’t want to cut the stock hood or lower the engine with aftermarket mounts. This Cervini is made to clear the CJ, it looks like it gives about 2.5” or more of clearance. I ordered...
  17. My IRS drag setup for 2023

    G-Force Renegade axles BMR Drag springs BMR Billet vertical links BMR Billet camber arms Viking Double adjustable drag shocks Kelltrac IRS Lockout kit ARP extended studs Steeda billet differential kit. Yes, I have plenty of NVH with this setup😂, but it’s a dedicated bracket car that’s never...
  18. New PR 2022 GT(base) A10

    Final day of racing yesterday for the summer, and was able to set a new PR. Had a absolute blast racing all summer!
  19. Weld 17x10’s with M/T ET Street R 305/45R17(SOLD)

    Drag tire and wheel set. Weld Belmont Drag 17x10’s with Mickey Thompson ET Street R’s 305/45R17. About 40 passes on set-up. Paid approximately $1700. Asking $1000 located 30 minutes south of Portland, OR. Will be available next Sunday the 25th.
  20. New PR, 2022 GT(base) A10 1/4 mile

    Got 8 passes in yesterday. DA was about 1200. Previous best was 11.37 @123. New PR is 11.25 @124.77. Car was extremely consistent yesterday, all 8 passes were 11.25 to 11.35. All the 60’ times were in the 1.7’s(that’s launching at idle….my 18 year old son drives the car and I’m still having him...