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  1. Front end strut tower dimensions

    Anyone know of any dimensions or some diagonals to measure the strut towers? My car got a little tweaked and I need to measure and see whats going on, just looking for some baseline numbers
  2. 275 35 R 19-305 35 R 19 1" lower. Will they rub?

    We run 11s +50 all day long in the rear no problem. You will be out a little farther with that offset but never even considered the rear being an issue so you should be fine..
  3. Goodies for coming track season

    Didn't get you quoted but see my previous message, check that episode out its interesting to hear a race engineer and a driving coach talk about this.
  4. Goodies for coming track season

    No dumb questions with Jeff Braun : Episode 11 Here you can listen to them talking about tire temps. This is part of the speed secrets podcast on Spotify in case you're interested. I am not saying its worthless, if it works for you and you know how to use the data that's great. I just...
  5. Goodies for coming track season

    What tires are you using? It's pretty hard to get good usable tire temp data anyways, how and when the temps are pulled can make a big difference. I wouldn't adjust on temp alone.. It's funny I was listening to the Ross Bentley podcast a while ago and I forget who the other guy is but he is a...
  6. Stripped nut extraction help!

    You would have to remove the 4 bolts that hold the hub to the knuckle to do this... Could work if you have to
  7. Stripped nut extraction help!

    Could find a socket you can pound on and will grab. Usually a slightly smaller metric or inch size... 12 point may bite better. Try and heat it up too if you find one that fits. Worst case, start cutting that spacer off. Wont be pretty but it will get it off eventually
  8. Attempting to find the exact plug for the throttle pedal data connection

    Nevermind, I didnt read all the way through. SIde note, what is the ECU controlling this?
  9. California Ford Performance Track Strut and Shock Kit

    Probably, not like the spring rates of the ford performance track pack kit are crazy high anyways.. I am sure it would be ok, but if you are wanting to improve handling just go with the BMR handling springs / these shocks in this thread and front swaybar. IRS cradle kit tightened my car up a...
  10. Saw a Mustang with a Montana plate today in Massachusetts

    I had the dealer plate on for probably a year and a half lol.. That was right around the time they started doing those temp plates though, so I decided it was a bad idea.
  11. How to Retain Handling Without Front Sway Bar

    dont tell that to the old aix guys.. lol anyways.. All you have to do is bring this to a fab shop and they will make a swaybar, or make something fit.. If it was me, i'd try and see if I could make a schroeder type bar work. They are straight bars, splined ends and you can put a variety of...
  12. Front only camber adjustment vs no adjustment

    I'm pretty sure that's the case as well. Camber wear can do this but usually only had this issue with soft race tires. This tire would be much more tapered, not just on the extreme edge
  13. Front only camber adjustment vs no adjustment

    Are they both doing that? Check camber/toe.. you either have one side with too much negative camber or you have too much toe out, that would wear both tires though.
  14. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    I think you should make the green grill triangle on the driver side red. :D
  15. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Does this thread get updated anymore?
  16. Traction Control Off combined with Track Mode?

    When you do a long press, it will turn off all the advance trac, stability control etc. The only thing still functioning is ABS , so now the car will be free to rotate and get loose. As well as come all the way around on ya.
  17. California Looking for driver side half shaft for 18 mustang GT (bay area cali)

    Looking for driver side half shaft for 18 mustang GT (bay area cali)
  18. Track day / Sunday Driver Pad

    Pretty big jump from being successful on stock pads to DTC70. Go with a mid range GLoc like others have said, they seemed easy on my wheels. DTC70 is my go to track pad but it will kill rotors on the street if you drive it often.
  19. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Year/Make/Model/Trim: 2018 Mustang GT Track/Course: Buttonwillow 13CW Best Lap Time: 1:55.38 Tires (Size & Model): 305/30/19 - Goodyear F1 SC3R