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  1. Ford performance hood struts

    I have the redline struts, and this is exactly what I did. Works perfectly and I don't really notice the slit either unless you're looking for it.
  2. Ford Performance, Redline or Steeda Hood Strut?

    I have redline, and also no complaints as they function perfectly. I wanted the Ford Performance ones originally to keep an OEM appearance, but I was turned off by some of the poor reviews regarding that bottom attachment to the fender. I think if I had to do it over though I would go with the...
  3. New York WTB Porter Cable 7424XP DA Polisher

    Ahh man, if only you had gotten to me just a few hours earlier lol...I bought one off someone on OfferUp this morning. It was a good deal so I jumped on it. I just didn't get around to updating his thread. Sorry! I'm sure if you wanted to though someone else would buy yours if you listed it.
  4. New York WTB Porter Cable 7424XP DA Polisher

    If anyone has one of these in good shape and is looking to get rid of it, I'm interested. I want to start getting into detailing my own cars, so I need something entry level and this one fits the bill. And since I won't be doing it professionally, I'd like to avoid spending a lot of money on a...
  5. Arizona Da polisher

    Long shot but is this still for sale?
  6. New York OEM Steering Wheel 2015-2017 GT

    Yes Sir, I sent you a PM
  7. Florida Wanted gt350 2017 model steering wheel

    Just clarifying, you looking for either or? A regular GT steering wheel, or a GT350 steering wheel?? Your thread title only says gt350. Also, as far as the buttons, most of the steering wheel you'll find for sale will be missing the buttons because guys swap them over. That's what did for mine...
  8. What is your opinion on Walmart Super Tech motor oil?

    Yea I've been using it since my WRX with no complaints. The cars both seemed to like it. I'm sure Amsoil and m
  9. What is your opinion on Walmart Super Tech motor oil?

    I've heard or read somewhere that Amazon Basic oil is rebranded super tech. Take it with a grain of salt. Either way I've used super tech and Amazon basics high mileage synthetic in my wife's Subaru several times with perfectly fine results. But I'm also very regimented about my oil/fluid...
  10. Oil level sensor leak

    Yes, I did a few more searches as well and this site shows a few more pictures: https://lmr.com/item/LRS-6624C/mustang-low-oil-level-sensor-11-17-5-0-bl3z-6c624-a Seems like it comes with a built-in O-ring. I'm guessing that's what is wrong with mine. Ok, good to go. Thanks 👍
  11. Oil level sensor leak

    Just wanted to confirm, this is the oil level sensor, correct? I was under there today doing something else and noticed oil (not a drip, but a slight wetness) around that area. I wiped it clean with degreaser. My oil levels have been reading fine, and I'll swap this out my next oil change. No...
  12. What Water Pump would you choose?

    Buying one and storing it isn't a bad idea, except for some people I've read this thing just exploded on a highway leaving them stranded, and that's what worries me. I've already checked for the weeping as I'm familiar with that symptom, and all is good/dry. And my coolant level is consistent...
  13. What Water Pump would you choose?

    Thanks. In my research, I've also read it could be more of a bearing problem rather than a plastic impeller problem that causes eventual failure on these things.
  14. What Water Pump would you choose?

    I also am wondering how widespread this water pump problem really is, or has it been skewed by a relatively small percentage of unlucky ones that have actually taken the time to post about it on a forum. A lot of reviews I've been reading on water pumps seem to be from F-150 guys, and a few big...
  15. What Water Pump would you choose?

    Thanks. Yea the FP is definitely for a more track oriented car, but even if I'm not tracking it, it seems like a stoutly built unit. The impeller on that also is listed as a composite material, not metal, but I haven't heard of them blowing up like the stock ones. Do you happen to know if...
  16. GTD Wing - Who'll Be First?

    To each their own, but I personally have never liked giant wings that looked like they were just tacked onto the back of a car as an afterthought. Function aside, I think the wing on the GTD looks hideous. I prefer a rear wing or spoiler to look integrated into body lines. That's just me...
  17. What Water Pump would you choose?

    Thanks for the input. I should mention I'm not tracking the car. So a stock water pump and a 170 thermostat will probably keep the car plenty cool for street driving, without upgrading to the Ford Performance pump. I just figured if I'm replacing it I should use the opportunity to upgrade it...
  18. What Water Pump would you choose?

    I was doing some thinking (possibly overthinking like I often do) and another question popped into my head that maybe someone can offer an opinion on. The FP water pump says it provides 30% more flow than stock. The extra coolant flow sounds nice, but will it also raise coolant pressure and...
  19. Power Stop Confusion

    Ditto on the Z26's for street driving. I swapped my stock pads out early on because of the dust and bit of noise. They bite plenty hard for my purposes, and in most instances, feel the same as my stock pads did. And they're dead quiet...Just my 2¢