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  1. Finally! 10’s N/A 2022 GT A10

    IMO…..if you’re gonna run the CJ intake manifold, it really needs cam’s to take advantage of it. I’m adding Comp Cams for next season, along with BMR K-Member and Aerospace Components drag brakes. Hope to have a consistent 10.8 bracket car. It’s a dedicated 1/4 mile car….it’s not driven on the...
  2. Finally! 10’s N/A 2022 GT A10

    It was cool, about 60*…..not sure of DA. Definitely good air today.
  3. Finally! 10’s N/A 2022 GT A10

    Different wheel/tire set-up….saved 30lbs on rears and 8lbs on the front. We only got 3 runs, so won’t be able to play with air pressure until next season. They are lighter then the 305/45R17 ET Street R. I think I’m really gonna like the Hoosier’s.
  4. Finally! 10’s N/A 2022 GT A10

    Well, finally got our 10 sec pass(barely😂). Today was our last race for the year. We’ve got more goodies planned for this winter to hopefully put us in the 10.8’s consistently for next season. Previous best was 11.006 with a 1.72 60’ Today was 10.991 with a 1.68 60’
  5. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    New shoes
  6. Weight reduction on “Drag Pack”

  7. Weight reduction on “Drag Pack”

    Last season was our 1st year, my son was only 18 and had his drivers license for less then 1 year. He’d never been over 65mph when we went to the track for the 1st time. The plan all along for was him to drive the car once he became faster then me😂. I only got to make 6 passes in the car before...
  8. Weight reduction on “Drag Pack”

    Not yet, car is on jack stands at the moment….I’ll get pictures mid week….we race next Saturday. Wheels are very light, but also very spendy. $2900 to $3000 just for the wheels. Hopefully we see some results with them.
  9. Weight reduction on “Drag Pack”

    Thanks! Here’s my thoughts on the shocks. They’re are so many variables with the cars and limited runs on race day, it’s pretty tough to find the perfect settings. For us being under 500whp, A10 with 3.55’s and footbraking the launch….we can be from 2 to 5 on compression and 7-9 on rebound and...
  10. Weight reduction on “Drag Pack”

    I decided to change wheel and tire set-up to reduce rotating weight. I was previously on Weld Belmont drag 17x10’s(MT ET StreetR,305/45R17) and 17x5(MT ET Street Front,27x6.00R17). I switched to Billet Specialties 17x10(Hoosier 28x10.5R17) and Billet Specialties 18x5(MT ET Street Front...
  11. Recommendation For a 4-5 Point harness?

    Here’s my .02, do some research on proper shoulder strap angles, you can get seriously injured with a lot of the safety harnesses on the market.
  12. Tips on getting a wire from the interior to engine bay?

    I use the grommet next to brake booster on firewall for my aftermarket line-lock wires.
  13. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    My 22’ GT is a dedicated 1/4 mile bracket car. It’s not driven on the street.
  14. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Billet Specialties wheels showed up today. 18x5’s and 17x10’s.
  15. Help with better times for a newer 1/4 mile guy

    Unfortunately, you’re right where you should be with the set-up you have. To break into the 11’s, you’re gonna need to add horsepower or take weight out of the car, preferably both. E85 is a nice power gain, but not always readily available in some area’s.
  16. That Stangmode guy ran an S650 A10 in the 1/4 mile - either car is slow or he cant drive

    I haven’t done much testing with the shocks. I’m always in the 1.7’s with a best of 1.72 footbraking from 1200 to 1800 rpm. As far as tires go, I just purchased Hoosier drag radials(28x10.5R17) to run next season.
  17. That Stangmode guy ran an S650 A10 in the 1/4 mile - either car is slow or he cant drive

    That’s not RWHP. It’s only about 420RWHP, it’s not running mid 11’s at that HP.
  18. That Stangmode guy ran an S650 A10 in the 1/4 mile - either car is slow or he cant drive

    My stock 2022 A10 ran 12.5’s at 115mph on ET Street R’s. 60’ was in the 2.0’s….maybe a few high 1.9’s
  19. Oregon Weld Racing Belmont Drag(Front&Rear)

    $1000, but by the time you paid shipping it would be the same cost as new.
  20. Oregon Weld Racing Belmont Drag(Front&Rear)

    Weld Racing Belmont Drag Rears 17x10 Single Beadlock on MT ET Street R 305/45R17 Fronts 17x5 on MT Street Fronts(Radial) 27x6.00R17 Everything bought new this year. 40 passes at the track, zero street time. Paid $3600…..Selling for $2700. Located near Portland, OR.