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  1. Camber Wear

    Hey guys. I searched around and couldn't find anything addressing this issue directly. I own a 2019 PP1 stock suspension. I went and got AS tires put on this weekend. During this I discovered the front tires had severe camber wear. The outside was 7/32 and the inside were corded. I...
  2. Need advice/help shipping Mustang

    Hey guys. Moving from Temecula CA go Fredericksburg Va in July. Any advice or tips on who I should go with for shipping my car? We’re gonna drive cross country in the wife’s truck towing a trailer with some essential stuff in it so we’re not sleeping on air mattress’ at the new house so towing...
  3. Temecula detail

    Hey guys. Im a detail fanatic. If there’s any mustang owners who want an exterior detail (clay, polish, sealant) for beers you buy and some good company let me know!
  4. 2019 PP Non-mag ride.

    Ok. So now I've read this on multiple sources. (AM, Eibach etc.) They all say that eibach springs won't work with 2019 PP Non-Magnride cars. Has anyone here installed eibach pro kit springs on their 2019 PP Non-Mag car? If so were there any issues?
  5. 2019 GT PP1 non MagneRide

    Hey everyone. First post here. I recently purchased a 2019 GT PP1 without magneride. I’ve seen on a few different sites that the Eibach Springs won’t work with the 2019 PP1 non MR. is this true? Has anyone here lowered their 2019 PP1 non MR? And if so which springs did you use? Thanks Jimmy