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  1. 19' + 4" To 8" Upgrade - Volume Not Working

    hey man!! how did you fix the solar error codes? also, my phone buttons on the steering columns are not working. do you know the forscan fix for that? TIA
  2. DIY MyColor center cluster install

    I have the 6 speed
  3. DIY MyColor center cluster install

    from the forum I am also seeing that people used this code - -If you have a Manual 720-06-01: 786F 0664 1897. you can try this as well if mine doesn't work
  4. DIY MyColor center cluster install

    I am sorry. I gave you my factory as-built config. The one that I am using for the drive modes is - 7C6D-167B-9840. please let me know if it worked for you.
  5. DIY MyColor center cluster install

    my 720-06-01 line reads - 7C6D-167B-9038. I have a 2018 GT PP1 with sync 3 upgrade and 2019 IPC
  6. Deck lid scratchs

    I have used a light polishing compound to take the swirls out before. Make sure you don't hover on just one spot, it will damage it.
  7. Camber plates

    I have BMR camber plates and pretty happy with them. Also very reasonably priced at $175
  8. 2019 Bullitt MPG -- am I lucky?

    I have never gotten more than 16 on 91 or 93
  9. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Added my color IPC. Such an easy install. Took just 1 hour including the forscan programming.
  10. Virginia GT350 Oil Pressure Oil Temp Gauge for GT Plug and Play

    selling a GT350 (in new condition) center gauge that displays the Oil Pressure + Oil Temp. Direct plug and play for GT. NO programming needed. has a broken tab but it doesn't affect any functionality or mounting. $150 shipped (paypal friends & family or zelle only) or pick up local. Located in...
  11. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    installed the GT500 side skirts from MP concepts. No need to remove the painted side panels. can be done with them still on the car.
  12. Virginia sold

    bump....price dropped to $160 picked up.
  13. Virginia sold

  14. Virginia Ford Performance Track Lowering Springs M-5300-YA

    price dropped to $180 picked up, $200 shipped (zelle or paypal f&f only)
  15. Virginia BMR Cradle Bushing Lockout Kit, Level 2 CB005

    It’s everything you see in the pics. And they are new
  16. S550 rims for sale

    thats a deal!!
  17. Did they ruin this GT500 or do you like it?

    stripes/vinyl can be removed. I would be more concerned with the Nittos they put on this car. It will go nowhere with those, haha!