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  1. Bullitt vs PP2 (Dad and I swap cars)

    I would have ordered a Bullitt, but I didn't care for the dog dish on the back panel and the middle of the steering wheel. I know I could have bought another steering wheel and a plain black aftermarket black panel, but I just would have preferred it to have no badging from the factory. Love...
  2. Would you guys trade in your current mustang for the 2024 dark horse

    No, don't like the eyeliner effect under the headlights.
  3. If you could build it all over again?

    Yes, so glad I did.
  4. What car did you come from?

    2004 Acura TL. I keep cars a long time.
  5. Problems with 2019 "Gold Certified" Bullitt -- help requested

    Long threads like this only confirm for me that the decision to order my 2020 Mustang was the right one for me. Buying used is a crap shoot to me, and even more so with a Mustang. You just never know how it has been abused or cared for.
  6. Tires: Good performance in summer; still safe in the rain

    +1 on the recommendation for Conti DWS 06 Plus
  7. Anyone have any feedback on Ford's Side Scoops?

    My feedback: not for me. But it is your Mustang, not mine.
  8. How likely to be stolen

    I have a M6, so it cannot be stolen. 😁
  9. Pilot Sport 4S to Pilot Sport AS

    Update: Salt Lake's snowfall this last winter exceeded 80 inches for the first time in 27 years. My Continental DWS 06 Plus 275/40/19s handled up to three inches of snow with zero difficulty. Now I drove like a grandpa, I will admit, but at least I got to drive it in the winter which was...
  10. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    The following is just my experience: I have never had anyone ask me why I didn't get a V8. Even when I went on the Memorial Day Mustang ride here in Wasatch Mountains. All I got was thumbs up from Mustang enthusiasts. The HPP just looks cool to me. To me, it has a PP2 vibe to it with the...
  11. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    Are you talking about the new one, with that grill? I do know styling is subjective and to each their own, but with that grill the M4 could have a 710-hp, twin-turbo V-8 and sell for $20K and I wouldn't buy it. 😁 But that is just me.
  12. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    There has never been a Mustang model year that was solely V8. Each year they sold tens of thousands of I6s or V6s. And now EBs. That is what kept the Mustang production lines going, not unwavering devotion to V8s. If the Mustang had been solely a V8 model, Ford would have killed it decades...
  13. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    That was me. I wanted a Mustang since '79. On the lot in Salt Lake in January 2020 were so many A10s, so many with stripes or 20 inch wheels I didn't want. I wasn't going to settle for what was on the lot. So I ordered my loaded HPP w/ HP and the M6 and waited. I waited since '79, a few...
  14. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    My HPP came with Active Exhaust. It does not sound like a V8, but I like how it sounds. On YouTube you can find clips of the HPP exhaust in different modes. I don’t think you are a dinosaur. I think you like what you like. That’s cool.
  15. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    I had great fun with my EB convertible in Hawaii. Two weeks with that car convinced me it was time to get a Mustang after lusting for one since '79. I did not notice any structural shaking folks complain about with Mustang convertibles. It seemed tightly built. So in the spring of '19 I...
  16. Rationale for choosing Ecoboost HPP over GT?

    TrueBlue totally gets it. I ordered by HPP w/HP MT-82 very early in Feb 2020. and wanted a Mustang since '79. I test drove a standard EB manual, a HPP A10 w/o HP, a GT with the A10 and a GT manual. Also I drove a 2019 EB premium convertible on the Big Island in 2019 for two weeks, so I was...
  17. New lawsuit involving the A10R80 again

    Another reason I'm glad mine has three pedals.
  18. How to you view your Mustang?

    I seriously wanted a Mustang since '79. Came THIS CLOSE to buying a manual, V6, blue hatchback Ghia back then. I'm 66 and don't know how much more time I have on this planet, therefore, I drive my HPP daily and love it.
  19. Custom Stripes Installed on Mach 1

    Stripes are not my jam. I had the hood stripes removed from my HPP before delivery. That being said, it is YOUR Mustang so do what you want.