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  1. P0301 code during warmup

    Have you checked if the all the runners are opening and closing properly in the intake manifold?
  2. Are these cylinder head temps high?

    Some spirited driving in SFL with IATs of 100+ degrees regularly (WHILE MOVING) has me between 212-225 temps on 2019 GT PP1
  3. What car did you come from?

    EDIT: I've noticed a couple former G70 Twin Turbo v6 owners... Interesting. Starting from 2012 in order: 2010 RAV4 2010 Matrix 2013 Dart 2016 Mustang v6 2016 Mustang GT 2023 TLX 2023 G70 2019 Mustang GT
  4. SEL - Evaporative emission system

    It was 100% drivable. It just started to smell like crap after 20 minute drives
  5. SEL - Evaporative emission system

    I literally just had this issue and got it fixed less than a week ago at a dealer. It turned out to be that the evap hose needed to be replaced. I didn't even notice until the Ford Connected app told me while I was in the middle of driving. It took 2 days to get 'er back.
  6. 2019 GT Idle AFR

    Hey ya'll, when I got into work and parked up in this South Florida heat I noticed her making a little shimmy and reached 15.0 before dropping back down, and then it kinda continued. Is this somewhat normal in a 2019? I've only owned a 2016 previously with the Gen 2
  7. Steeda cold air intake idle issue.

    I had a JLT CAI a while back that did the same thing even after a tune, I ended up saying f*** it, stock airbox is plenty fine with a high airflow filter, keeps IAT hella down too.
  8. Girlfriend mode toggle?

    I highly recommend in heavy stop and go traffic
  9. Girlfriend mode toggle?

    Ironically she RIPS it in the driver seat. This post was 99% for lighthearted fun on the subject. I'd say I drive "normally" with her 4/5 days of the week we're in the same car
  10. Girlfriend mode toggle?

    The MPG is a definitely a huge noticeable difference, when I'm lazy I stretch a quarter tank for a few extra days in that mode
  11. Girlfriend mode toggle?

    Does anyone else sometimes drive in the wet/snow mode with their significant other in the car? For some reason at times she can find my car "loud" and "scary" when I'm "driving 120 miles an hour in a school zone." Whatever that means. When we're in a light driving mood, she sometimes wants the...
  12. Hear me out... How excessive is TOO excessive when buying a pre-owned GT

    I checked it thoroughly, I've done enough mods between a v6 and v8 to be able to tell if it was put back to stock haha We good I already bought, no suspicious activity going on
  13. Steering wheel button protection?

    Hey ya'll, I can't find anything on Google and I don't know if it's because of my wording or it actually doesn't exist, I wanted to know if there are covers/sticker or whatever to protect the buttons on the steering wheel (such as volume up down, OK, arrows) since they are prone to chipping
  14. Average S550 monthly payment?

    45k out the door, 3k down, 5.25% APR, 710 FICO, $690 72 months
  15. Show and Shine... Post your ride

    I just got her last week, it's been an absolute pleasure
  16. Hear me out... How excessive is TOO excessive when buying a pre-owned GT

    Here she is! CPO 2019 7.2k miles, 401a + active exhaust+ performance package. It was an employees car so I got to talk to them and get full history of modifications (basically none) and service history done in-store
  17. Hear me out... How excessive is TOO excessive when buying a pre-owned GT

    Just an update, I locked into a certified pre-owned 2021 Premium Automatic with 5k miles for 40k and going to purchase Sunday, so I don't need to do any diagnosing lol
  18. Hear me out... How excessive is TOO excessive when buying a pre-owned GT

    I respect your opinion and that's exactly why I posted this, I want all the retrospective I can get before making a move
  19. Hear me out... How excessive is TOO excessive when buying a pre-owned GT

    This entire thing was based on a previous experience of buying a pre-owned GT that ended up having problems on problems that got to a point where it gave me anxiety to drive, I don't want a repeat of that