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  1. Speedometer not accurate

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else's speedometer doesn't match up with Android auto displayed speed? Mine shows the car is about 1-2mph faster than it actually is. I thought it was just the delay from my GPS speed, but I noticed today when going through a local police warning sign with...
  2. Almost time to finish build...some questions

    Hey guys, I'm in the planning stages of finishing my build for my 21GT with the crap-tastic B&O system. So far I've added a dual-12 box with Memphis subs and a decent Memphis amp. Leftovers from my last stereo that I pulled before selling the car. Power wire is run, B&O sub is pulled, and the...
  3. Not Happy with Performance Pack Traction this am

    I've had the car a couple of years now and usually I'm happy with how she performs. I've had to replace the rear tires already (9k miles), but the fronts still had tons of tread. It's a 21 with the performance pack...so I expected more traction than a stock GT. Well this morning, turning from...
  4. Anyone install remote start on a 6MT?

    Just wondering if anyone has a remote start on their 6MT. I know they used to make them with a neutral safety switch...just wondering if it's still an option.
  5. Key not Detected Error

    So I've started to see this issue with my 21GT, where it complains that the Key is Missing after starting the car. I have the key fob in my backpack sitting on the passenger side floor. It allows me to drive it and doesn't repeat. I've already replaced the key fob battery...any ideas?
  6. SYNC 4 upgrade on a 21 401A

    Just upgraded my phone and I'm a little annoyed that I have to have it plugged in to do Android Auto...looked online and it seems that SYNC 4 adds wireless. Anyone upgrade from SYNC 3 to SYNC 4?
  7. Forscan info

    Can anyone give me a quick rundown of what Forscan is and what it can do for a 21 GT? Will it void my warranty if I connect it to my ECU? I've read a lot of threads that people use it for flattening out the EQ curve...could that be done and keep the car's warranty?
  8. Georgia WTB Passenger side trunk carpet-non subwoofer 15-22 S550

    Looking to replace my passenger side trunk trim/carpet piece. Replaced and removed my OEM sub/bracket.
  9. Replace door and rear deck using factory amp

    I just replaced the sub on my B&O with a pair of 12s and an external amp. Night and day difference for sure. I'd like to do the door and rear deck next. Has anyone done a swap without adding an amp? Was it worth it and what did you use?
  10. How do you guys listen to your stereo?

    Just curious...how do you guys listen to the stereo...with the "stereo" or "surround" setting?
  11. Sub Replacement 21GT B&O Questions

    I recently replaced my craptastic B&O OEM sub with a dual-12 box. I have a decent amp and Audio Control LC2i Pro. Sounds fantastic with more bass than I'll ever need. However, I pulled out the OEM sub and bracket and I'm left with an ugly mess with the trunk liner trim piece. Those that have...
  12. Time for new tires on a 21 PP

    My car has just over 8k miles and the rear tires are about done. First question, it seems that 8k is pretty crappy for these tires, is this the norm? I haven't done a burnout, but I do drive "spirited" from time to time (it is a Mustang). I've ran Conti DWS in the past...what are you guys...
  13. 2021 GT AC ticking

    Thought it was the dreaded engine/typewriter tick, but it stops with the AC off. Anyone else have this issue? Debating on taking it to the dealer...
  14. Replacing Tires on a 21 GT PP

    Hey guys, what is the normal wear mileage for the PP tires (19x8.5 black rims, 255 front, 275 rear)? Also, does everyone just run 275 on all 4 corners when the time comes for new rubber? Seems silly to have the 255s up front...cant rotate. Any issues in running the larger front tire from...
  15. Anyone have tips on how to clean front bumper honeycomb plastic?

    Anyone have any tips on what to use to clean the plastic honeycomb in the front bumper? My Fingers are a bit too large so need to figure out something...
  16. B&O Info Needed

    So I'm just about ready to pull the trigger on upgrading my 21 GT's stereo. It came with the B&O, but it's just not doing it for me. I'm not sure if I'm just going to replace the sub with a pair of 12s and a high/low converter...or replace everything except the head deck. My last few cars...
  17. Front or Rear facing subs?

    Thoughts on rear subwoofer box for duel 12s... front or rear facing? Front may be easier for the amp install vs using spare tire area.
  18. New Mustang Front End Leaked

    Delete if a repost...not digging it. https://fordauthority.com/2022/04/new-leak-shows-2024-ford-mustang-front-fascia-uncovered/
  19. Thoughts on Air Raid CAI

    Found one for sale for $230...looks like it's in decent condition. Only 1200 miles on it. Worth it?
  20. Possible Oil Leak?

    The wife just called to tell me that there's an oil-like substance where I park in the garage. Looks like passenger-side. Anything I should be looking for?