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  1. Kleentech Detailing, Williston VT ?

    Does anybody have any experience with this company? They do ceramic coatings, and have pictures of shiny S550's, and are located less than 2 miles from the school I'm hoping to go to this fall. I'll be tempted to let them do their thing, if they have a good reputation...
  2. Seat Covers on sale until July 9

    Wet Okole is doing a 4th of July sale, 15% off until the 9th. I just placed my order. https://www.wetokole.com/
  3. Anybody put air struts on a carbon hood?

    Now that I finally have a cool aftermarket hood, I'm finally motivated to lose the prop rod. But a lot of the air struts I've read about specify that they're designed for OEM hoods. Considering what I paid for my new hood, I'd hate to break it! So I'm focusing on kits that have big mounting...
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  5. testing 1 2 3

    Is this thing on?