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  1. Wheel hop sound when turning?

    When accelerating moderately or turning to the right the car exhibits a sound that can only be described and felt as wheel hop? When turning to the left the sound or sensation can not be felt, it’s quite strange. The only thing I’ve been able to come up with is the rear diff or maybe a wheel...
  2. Gen 3 Coyote Spark Plug Intervals

    Currently have around 40k on my Gen 3 engine. I've bounced between E85 and 93 since 10k miles and was curious on plug life. Since the Gen 3 is DI it can be alot harder on plugs. Most Ecoboost owners tend to change at 60k albeit a turbo engine vs N/a.
  3. Vortech Kit questions

    Looking at purchasing the vortech kit soon and using the supplied tune for a bit till I can get the tune and fuel system I want. Plan on running 93 octane for the duration of the supplies tune. Anyone have any info on drive ability/reliability of the included tune?
  4. 10r80 early upshift 6th-7th

    Was out tonight on open road and noticed the car would shift quite early into 7th around 6500-6800rpm? Trans temp was in the low 190’s no lights or anything. Is this normal?

    How do these compare to prior years base model susp? People keep saying they are similar to 15-17 PP rates but i have yet to confirm. Anyone?
  6. Group buy on Steeda 2-Piece Rotors!

    After talking with Steeda they have agreed to do a Group buy for us on PP and Non-PP 2 piece rotors!! Still working on specifics on how many people needed but pricing should be really good.
  7. Texas Michelin Sport cup 2 Tires **Set of 4

    I have 4 sport cup 2 tires off a customers 350R. Decided he wanted Hoosiers. 500 miles on them. 305/30-19 and 315/30-19. Asking 500$ plus shipping.
  8. PP struts vs base struts

    What are the differences? The rear's I've seen the shock dyno's on but the fronts don't have a lot of info out there. I've installed the rear's and they have made a noticeable difference. I can get a set of front basically new for 50$ Just want to know if its a worthwhile upgrade. I dont track...
  9. 2018 intake manifold price increase.

    Looks like the price has increased about 100$. Normal for ford I suppose.
  10. Gt350 Ebay track pack spoiler

    Any ino on this spoiler? Seems like a gd deal...
  11. Roush hood vents-modding.

    Just ordered the roush vents and I do not like how little the opening is for the vent. My plan is to use my Dremel and open it up down the center where the indention is located on the vent and the hood. This should allow more air to escape and help with the hood flapping. Will update this...
  12. Gt350 motortrend review

    Finally did the review on the Shelby.
  13. Muffler tips

    As far as performance is concerned, the stock mufflers are not a hindrance. The biggest downfall to me are the tips. Anyone here changed tips? They are a little offset which makes finding tips a little difficult but as far as sound goes with no drone, they are the perfect setup imo. Especially...
  14. Nitrous on stock mustang?

    Thinkin about a 100 shot on my bone stock 5.0. Cant really see any downsides except maybe the cats getting a little to hot. Cant really see it hurting the car if I only use it every now and then. Input? Looking at a plate system with a Rpm switch.
  15. Turbo upgrades!

    Who's gonna be first to the market? LOL this will be my first mod and the accessport.
  16. Intake vs Stock air box

    Ive been reading up on a lot of people buying intakes and claiming power increases. Ive seen a ton of videos saying intake and tune for the most power. I honestly believe that the stock intake will preform just as good if not better then the aftermarket intakes everyone is buying. I don't think...
  17. Ecoboost: Auto vs Mt82

    About to pull the trigger on a ecoboost mustang. Ive owned a 2012 5.0 with the mt82 and it gave me no problems. The only thing that worries me on the Ecoboost is the clutch. People have been saying its weak. Any truth to this? Should I go auto? I rarely drag race, mostly highway pulls. Any...