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  1. Speedometer not accurate

    I just had new front tires put on yesterday...we'll see if it improves. Again, this isn't some earth-shattering issue, just something I noticed and wanted to see if it was a S550 thing or my car...like the BBQ tick.
  2. Speedometer not accurate

    Both my 2014 Durango R/T and my 2016 Charger SCAT didn't have this issue...Again, just wanted to see if something was wrong with my car, or if it was a known issue. Thanks.
  3. Speedometer not accurate

    I get that...and I have been doing that. I was just wondering if it was my car, or if it was a normal Mustang quirk.
  4. Speedometer not accurate

    Nope, OEM rims/tires. 2mph is the difference between getting a warning and a ticket...
  5. Speedometer not accurate

    Hey guys, just wondering if anyone else's speedometer doesn't match up with Android auto displayed speed? Mine shows the car is about 1-2mph faster than it actually is. I thought it was just the delay from my GPS speed, but I noticed today when going through a local police warning sign with...
  6. First 2024 Crash

    If you turn off traction control, make sure you know your car before you try anything! People need to practice in an empty parking lot before they try to show off.
  7. Tennessee Like new Roush 18-22 CAI

    Do you need a tune with this? I have a 21GT
  8. Where is the lane keeping button

    Is what it is man. I don't drive as much as I used to and have had some close calls in my younger days; but sometimes you cant just stop. This system is only meant to assist not to save your ass. But I think there are worse things automated on the roads today with self-driving systems...
  9. Where is the lane keeping button

    I only use it on the highway if sleepy...so not very much. I don't have as much trust in it compared to other cars.
  10. Mustang Dark Horse "market adjustments"

    I wonder if gap insurance covers ADM?
  11. Mustang Dark Horse "market adjustments"

    Honestly dealerships that have that kind of ADM...I hope they have a hailstorm. Just a cash grab from greedy dealerships who think we need them. Tesla has them freaking out...and it's not because they're EVs. They essentially removed the dealership model. Some states like Texas have...
  12. 🏁 Official: 2025 Mustang GTD Revealed! 800+ HP, Pushrod Suspension, $300K MSRP

    I guess if you're looking to spend that much, not sure why you wouldn't just spend a little more to get the Ford GT? I mean it's a cool car, but that's supercar money without a supercar pedigree.
  13. Maybe it’s just me?

    It's an "update", but they didn't really add anything, outside of body panels and intake design. I have no idea why they didn't put in a heads' up display, at least as an option...ok, I know why, Ford is known to cost cut whenever they can...My 21 GT doesn't have a friggin glove box light. I...
  14. Wireless Android Auto Adapter

    After the initial pairing with Android auto using a cable, you connect the adapter and just leave it. At that point, it will always connect wirelessly...you do not have to connect every time. So when you get in the car, it will automatically connect and bring up Android Auto on the deck as...
  15. That Stangmode guy ran an S650 A10 in the 1/4 mile - either car is slow or he cant drive

    From the video's I've seen on the dyno numbers of the S650...I'm not impressed. The 18-22's put down more HP/TQ stock...and respond well to simple bolt-on mods. But, I'm happy there is another generation of the Mustang...at least Ford isn't giving up on the sports car, unlike the other 2 of...
  16. New here

    Welcome! Nice looking car...it was between that color and black when I bought mine a couple years ago.
  17. Passenger side rattle

    My wife complained about a rattle that sounded like it was the passenger side door. I took it apart and put some sound deadener around the interior panel and sections of the door. There are some clips that can vibrate...I put some material between the clip and the holder. So far, so good...
  18. Almost time to finish build...some questions

    Gotcha...I already have the amps I'm going to use, so I guess I'd need something between the OEM head deck and the amps. If I had deep pockets it would be a GT500! I read about some options to use instead of the PAC AMPPro...but wasn't sure if was worth the extra $$.
  19. Almost time to finish build...some questions

    The amps I have don't have a fiber dsp input, so how does it work in the system? Does it go in-line with the RCAs after the harness? What DSP would you recommend?
  20. Functional canards front/rear diffuser

    Google search? I know there are a few out there.