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  1. Damage estimation

    Finally became a statistic. Luckily single car accident and I’m fine. Spun out and hit guard rail. Speed was approx 30-35. Car started and drove home. What do y’all think about this? no leaks. Wheels don’t seem like they got touched or tweaked at all. Car didn’t overheat in the short drive home.
  2. new corvette eray

    https://www.chevrolet.com/upcoming-vehicles/2024-corvette-e-ray super interesting imo. i know ford patented something similar so curious if we will ever see it from the ford side.
  3. 2018 mani on 15-17 and smog

    just wanted to share since i had not found any info before. i went to a 18 mani on my 17. i was concerned about being able to pass smog so i was going to keep the imrc active just in case. long story short i ended up deleting imrc and getting my retune. just wanted to pass along after a few days...
  4. custom driveshaft?

    has anyone had a driveline shop make a driveshaft for their S550? i have zero experience with this idea. anything to be concerned about? shop has good reviews etc
  5. daily driving one piece driveshaft opinion

    looking for opinions on daily driving a one piece driveshaft? have found a handful of reviews for them just not sure if its something worth doing. car sees drag strip a couple times a year. bmr springs and cradle lockouts for suspension mods. looking at one piece aluminum. car is still NA and...
  6. Nevada Wtb 18+ intake manifold

    Let me know what you got and what you want for it. Just looking for manifold don’t need anything else
  7. Steering wheel

    Been browsing for a new steering wheel for awhile now. A lot of them seemed a little overkill or unnecessary for daily driving or were seemingly too expensive for what I wanted. Found this company out of the Bay Area called handkraftd motorsports under the name partszinga off eBay. Having read a...
  8. Nevada Looking for Rear seat bottom

    as title says im looking for someones rear seat bottom portion if you have gotten rid of your rear seats. let me know. located in Reno, NV. does not have to be in perfect condition. let me know what you have and what you are looking to get out of it.
  9. Motor mounts install and impressions

    I went with the steeda adjustable mounts Install itself went fine. I did it on jack stands so knowing that i would remove the front wheels to make access easier. Loosen nut on top of motor mount. Support motor w/ jack or other means. Then remove the 4 bolts/studs holding the mount bracket to...
  10. GT SOLD-FS F150 Intake manifold

    Picked up a 2017 F150 mani to test out. Brand new take off when originally purchase. Prob put about 7k miles on the intake. Fun little daily driver upgrade. $100 + Shipping
  11. Nevada sold

    No tune req pmas filter is used and a little dirty. Will send it cleaned. Prob about 10k miles on the intake. One of the tabs broke off and is ziptied but it has never had an issue or moved with the ziptie. $200 OBO
  12. Nevada WTB catless mid pipes

    looking for catless mid pipes for pypes headers to stock exhaust. let me know what you have.
  13. Torsen bang

    so ive got a GT with torsen rear 3.73 and bmr cradle lockout and lowering springs. i was driving to work in the snow and had some tire slippage and then my rear end seemed to clunk and bang a couple times until i let off the gas. only does it during loss of traction. just curious if anyone knows...
  14. work ethic

    so im just gonna rant. i am 28 a male and a nurse. idk if that makes any difference whatsoever but holy smokes the lack of work ethic these days from people everywhere is ridiculous. everyone wants something but no one wants to work for it. ive got techs complaining about having to do this or...
  15. new f150

    so i just picked up a new 2019 f150 for my wife as a daily and family vehicle. we ended up with the gen 3 coyote. i had a pmas originally on my 2017 gt and wondering if anyone knows whether or not i could potentially use the pmas on the new f150 and would it work without a tune. it is the no...
  16. non slip pedals

    so ive had a couple instances where i get into my car with wet feet and mid shift my foot slides off the pedals cause they get slippery. anyone have good luck/like their non slip pedals? ive seen a couple online and wondering what the consensus is and which ones people like/dont like. TIA
  17. catch can

    so i decided to put my stock intake manifold back on yesterday. i pulled it off before i ever installed a catch can and threw it in my shed. havent touched it since. i just pulled it out of the shed and the amount of oil that had collected in the plenum had to be soaked up with a several paper...
  18. hot restarting issue

    hopefully someone can help. searched but couldnt really find much but lately i have been having trouble restarting my car when it has warmed up. i live in reno and its been warm but def not really hot yet. hasnt reached 100. but my issue is after i have been driving the car like to the store get...
  19. rokblokz reviews?

    how are people liking the rokblokz guards? i have the cpc ones and specifically the fronts come loose and rattle they dont stay flush with the fender and im wondering if the rokblokz ones stay flush or not. i get little pebbles in between my guards and fenders and they rattle and annoy me...
  20. grabber lime

    have we seen grabber lime on the car yet? tried to search but never found anything and super curious