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  1. should i get rid of my 2021 5.0 and get a terminator ?

    then what?! a super snake is just a rebadged gt with a goofy hood. There is nothing super about it. I feel for the poor whipples forced to sit under that hood. Quit armchair racing and pick up a cobra. The terminator was great for its time, but it is soon to be 2022 and the coyote is here.
  2. Shameful......

  3. Thoughts on this deal?

  4. Battery Tender - Issue with 2016 GT ?

    The battery tender is shutting down as a failsafe. I can armchair mechanic with the best of them, but you really need to figure out where those wires lead to. Someone with poor craftsmanship, no motivation, and at least 1 bad eye tossed that mess together.
  5. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    How can anyone dislike the Model S plaid? It is a 9-second factory sedan that will terrorize stoplights. Battery technology is only getting better and I am sure Tesla is working on their own 4 motor monster to take on the mid 8-second rimac. 🤯
  6. 1,000+ HP GT500 Races vs. Tesla Plaid Model S

    That model S is perfect. 😍
  7. My 0-60 time is not there.

    Why not get a tire and take it to the track?
  8. I need to get something like this printed on a sticker ....

    Don't bring your ecoboost rage here. It's not OP's fault you are missing cylinders. It's a meme, no need to go on a hunger strike and demand a manual millennial month.
  9. Who parks like this???

    Key his car and kick his door in! that will show him! In all seriousness, get over it. It looks like he is just trying to prevent door dings. I am curious to see where is parks if park perfectly on the second spot. Will he risk a ding and park on your drivers side? will he give you a decent...
  10. PBD tune in California

    That is something you need to discuss with your tuner. No point in picking up something they will not tune.
  11. Not happy with Steeda

    Looks like you damaged it trying to install it. Did you not notice the damage when you received the package?
  12. Selling 10 speed for 6 speed manual

    It was a 12 CJ car, I could not in all good consciousness take that to the dealer and expect them to fix it.
  13. Post YOUR home made meals or sandwich

    this...is the best thread in m6g.
  14. Selling 10 speed for 6 speed manual

    Here come the "mEn". I am far from salty, it got me into a 6R. :blush: The MT is a fun cruiser! Shame it's a 1 trick pony. After warming up my tires, my clutch pedal would get stuck to the floor if the RPMs went past 7k. What does the diving instructor suggest for that? Because I can tell you...
  15. Selling 10 speed for 6 speed manual

    I love the mt82 on any car but mine. They are full of issues, and there is only 1 fix. I tried changing the clutch line, upgrading the shifter, fluid swap, aluminum driveshaft....none of it hit the spot. Clutch was up next, but before I did that. I took the car down to the dealer and found my...
  16. Best Lowering Springs for Magneride

    Keep it as it is, and have the whipple lower the nose. /thread https://www.steeda.com/steeda-555-8242-s550-magneride-sport-lowering-springs
  17. Modify Auto bezels

    I would love to see Hurst offer this look for auto cars.
  18. coasting in neutral, got a power train malfunction wrench

    Just when I thought a manual mustang couldn't get any worse.