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  1. Did a pull, Crank sensor went out

    Sounds like you smoked the clutch.
  2. Bad misfire and P0306 code

    Did you do a crank relearn after you changed the clutch?
  3. Project RATTLESNAKE: Building A Better Swing / Gurney

    Looks good! I'm interested in the Boa Constrictor, you still working on that?
  4. Stock 350 and gas options, couple questions

    Gas from a top tier station such as Shell, Valero, Chevron, etc. 93 is preferable, but 91 will work. Naturally aspirated there really isn't a need for an octane booster. If you decide that you just want to run one, Boostane professional is great.
  5. Did GT350 values just get bolstered with the S650 reveal?

    Overall, I like the new car. Not enough to get me out of my 350, but I definitely don't hate it.
  6. Torn Rear CV Boot

    They shouldn't give you any trouble due to the suspension mods, but might not warranty it based on what they think caused it to tear. If it is due to the boot being defective, then they will warranty. If they think it got torn due to road debris or something, then they won't cover it under warranty.
  7. Any reason not to remove my surfboard sized engine cover on my 5.0?

    Take the oil filler neck off. It just looks out of place now.
  8. Mustang GT 2019 Electrical help

    Is the relay bad? Have you tried putting a new one in? I would think that this might be a possibility if as you say it is getting power to the relay, and you can bypass the relay and start the car.
  9. Drive without TPMS? You could lose your car

    Here is a picture of what happens to a sidewall of a tire that is driven on with low or no air pressure shortly before it comes apart like the ops did. When the pressure gets low enough, it has to support weight that it wasn't designed to at low or no pressure. The line that you see worn into...
  10. Drive without TPMS? You could lose your car

    I'm not sure you'll get far with a claim against General. What happened to your tire is not a defect. It was caused by driving on it for an extended period with low, or no air pressure in it, which caused the rim to cut through all of the cords in the sidewall, and when it had cut through all of...
  11. Does a 2021 intake require a tune?

    You will need a tune. 18+ manifolds are different than 15-17 manifolds. You will most likely need to lock out the IMRC as well.
  12. P0339 code, car tries to start, will not turn over, starter stays engaged.

    Did you do a crank relearn immediately after replacing the clutch?
  13. Where do you place your cellphone holder in your car?

    I use one of these. Works great. Available for both iphone and android phones. iphone...
  14. 2017 GT350 Long Term Maintenance

    If you are keeping up with fluids and oil changes, you should be good at that mileage. I just broke 10K on mine.
  15. Steeda Clutch Spring + ?

    The clutch spring works well. I would get the spring perch for it as well to replace the factory plastic one. It takes about 5 minutes to swap it out yourself, so I can't see needing the dealer to do it.
  16. Floating at High Speeds

    You definitely need camber plates, or camber bolts to get that front back to where it needs to be. That's more negative camber than a lot of guys who road race their cars use.
  17. 2021 mustang gt making a beep / humming noise from PCM while off

    Mine does it when I have the key in my pocket, or close by. Anytime I touch around the door handles with the wash mitt, or drying towel, it will prime the fuel pump, make some noises, and flash the lights. When I leave the key inside, it doesn't do it.
  18. 2021 mustang gt making a beep / humming noise from PCM while off

    Do you have your key in your pocket while you are walking around the vehicle washing it?