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  1. I Can’t Drive 55!

    Nooooooooooooo! https://www.theblaze.com/news/biden-administration-introduces-plan-to-lower-speed-limits-and-expand-bike-lanes-in-bid-to-reach-zero-traffic-fatalities And, I’m not trying to be political, so no politics please. What you say? I certainly don’t support going back to 55 mph speed...
  2. Win This Special Edition Super Snake

    Received this through my local Ford dealer. All proceeds support KC Air Show Charities and Children’s Mercy Hospital here in KC. https://www.tapkat.org/kc-airshow-charities-inc/o58GW9/?promo=TBF20
  3. It Had Been Awhile.....

    .....since I watched this Hoonicorn video. Ran across it looking for things to do in Colorado. Spent the next two hours watching Hoonicorn Videos.
  4. Album Size Reduced

    Is there a reason why our album size has been reduced from 30MB to 10MB?
  5. Holy Hail Damage

    I bet this left the pilots with some brown skid marks.
  6. Oil Prices Go Negative!

    Oil prices went negative today for the first time in history. There is such a glut in inventories, there's no room to store it. Now, where's the free gas?
  7. Help Me With My Math

    Help me with my math here. I ran a friend with an '18 5.0 M6 PP1. For reference, my car is an '18 5.0 M6 PP2. Both cars are stock right down to the paper air filter. The only difference is my car has a resonator delete w/ H-pipe. He still has the resonator in place. Both cars have active...
  8. Rad Blast From The Past

    Pretty cool story about an old Fox Body still on duty. https://www.thedrive.com/news/28004/nebraska-state-patrols-1993-ford-mustang-ssp-is-still-out-there-nailing-speeders
  9. 2019 Black Premium PP2 Available

    Thoroughbred Ford here in KC just got a 2019 black 401A premium PP2 in. Appears to be available to the public as it's parked with all the other Mustangs, but it's not showing up on their website yet. Here's the sticker.
  10. Santa's Early Gift

    Hooray! Enjoy it while it lasts!
  11. What's Your Favorite Detailing Tools

    Not necessarily the obvious ones, but what are some of your favorite detailing tools? The wheel brush from Adam's is one of my favorites. Makes cleaning the inside of wheels a breeze. Also like their lug nut brush too.
  12. First, it was Fake News, and now...

    ...it's Fake Weather! With all the drama from The Weather Channel, this is hilarious! http://www.wtfunvids.com/weather-reporter-acts-like-hurricane-is-blowing-him-over-while-2-dudes-casually-stroll-by-behind/
  13. Steeda Jacking Rails

    Finally got around to installing my Steeda jacking rails today. Definitely another quality Steeda product. I do have one question/observation. The Steeda instructions, as well as the 2018 install video I watched, both show the correct install is with the tapered edge to the inside of the vehicle...
  14. Any Locking Gas Caps Available for S550?

    Just curious if anyone knows of any locking gas caps available for the S550? I have a Stant on my F-150 that works great, but didn't see one available for the Mustang. I keep coming up empty in searching for one. There are some real asshats out there. Just trying to add a little protection. Thanks!
  15. 2018 Rebates Increased

    I noticed another member saying his rebate went up to $3,000. I just checked for my zip code. Sure enough. Old rebate was $2,000 thru 7/9. New rebate is $3,000 thru 7/2. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  16. 2019 Order Banks Officially Opened

    Mods, we may need a new sticky. 480 HP for the new Bullitt! https://at.ford.com/en/homepage/news-and-clipsheet/news/2018/3/bullittsummer.html