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  1. Hellion Top Mount Turbo Question

    Would anyone happen to know the largest sized turbos you can fit on a hellion top mount kit without modification?
  2. CCW Classic 2 piece wheels

    Do these still exist and is there anywhere to buy them in a 20 inch? I much prefer the cleanliness of these vs the exposed hardware 3 piece.
  3. Georgia 25mm wheel spacers

    Selling a set of 25mm wheel spacers. Asking $80
  4. Georgia Weld S71 beadlock setup 20x9 & 17x10

    Selling my beadlock setup. Fronts are 20x9 and rears are 17x10. No knicks or scratches on either. Asking $3800 for both/willing to separate. *Rears have been sold*
  5. Georgia 2 x Toyo R888Rs 325/30/19

    Selling a pair of Toyo R888R tires in a size 325/30/19. *Reason for selling*: I bought these along with a set of wheels to have as my daily/street setup, but considering I now only drive the car maybe twice a month, I found no need for a "daily" setup. The tires only have 30 miles on them...
  6. Will it Fit?

    So i'm looking to buy a 17in beadlock setup with 305/45/17 tires. The wheels say the backspacing is 7.9. Would the 7.9 backspacing fit or would I need a different backspacing?
  7. Datalog help

    Hey everyone. So recently I've been trying to pull some datalogs for the tuner in order to move on to the next steps with the revisions. So I sent him the logs and was told that I had a couple of issues going on (low ignition timing and low knock sensor readings) and was told to start...
  8. Georgia 2015 OEM 5.0 Intake Manifold/Engine Cover

    Intake manifold $80 Engine Cover $60
  9. Georgia WTB: 2015-2018 rear bumper black

    Looking to buy a 2015-2019 stock rear bumper in black. Prefer one with parking sensor holes. Thanks.