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  1. Exhaust temps and header coatings?

    I have set of brand new Kooks headers for my GT500, i planned to get them coated. I just recently had an ATV exhaust done and it looks great. I figured for looks and to keep a little heat out of the engine bay it would be worth it. They are telling me that there normal coating is good for...
  2. Battery relocation to the trunk.

    Started my battery relocation to the trunk this weekend. Pretty straight forward as it has been done before. WatsonRacing has kit and decent instructions for those looking to do this, worth taking a look at. I however did this all custom and I think better. Just to be CLEAR, I did this for 2...
  3. What is this? Connector on Negative Battery cable..

    I am doing some engine bay tidying up and want to relocate this connector/sensor. Is this just a fancy way of mounting a sensor/wire harness or does it actually need the negative battery cable to run through it? Anyone?
  4. Oklahoma 2020 OEM GT500 WHEELS TIRES SET OF 4 MINT

    2020 Oem GT500 WHEELS AND TIRES. Just over 1000 miles. Not a scratch or mark or anything wrong with them.....Period. Comes with sensors obviously and lugs 20x11 all 4. Michelin ps4s 315 rear 305 front tires. Will be Professionally packaged as I just received new wheels. $2000 OBO plus...
  5. Automatic Software update?

    I just go this on my Ford pass app. I haven't had a new FORD in a long time....well forever. Is this normal protocol and how would one go about determining what was updated? Apologize if this has already been covered.
  6. Oklahoma Eibach GT350 Springs Brand NEW $350 shipped

    Brand NEW Eibach GT350 springs. I bought these for my GT500 and they didn't work. The front springs were mounted and dismounted, never driven on. They fit fine on GT500 just sat to low. REARs were never mounted. I do NOT have the original box as it was mangled upon delivery. THESE are as...
  7. Size MATTERS! GT500 Big brakes!

    I am sure anyone that has been around a GT500 knows they have big brakes. But i am willing to bet most don't really have a perspective on size unless they own one or are intimately familiar with big brakes. Thought i would share this. PIC 1 is Brembo caliper from Gen1 CTSV, 5th Gen Camaro...
  8. Drivers side oil seperator/catch can?

    Drivers side oil seperator/catch can? Wonder why nobody has made one yet? And what is the electronics on the current breather hose that dumps back into the intake?
  9. GT 15-17 OEM Headlights BRAND NEW (300 miles) GT350 GT500

    Brand new take off headlights from 2020 GT500. Fit 15-17 Mustang and GT350 and GT500. As new as new can be without being in parts boxes. NO issues no surprises. $600 OBO shipped to continental US. only have a pic of 1 of them at the moment but will post more pics later
  10. When will we see lowering springs? Will we?

    When do you think we will see lowering springs outside of the CFTP springs? How long does it take for Eibach, FP, BMR, others? to get to market?
  11. Has anyone cracked the DCT software/code? Anybody working on it?

    Just curious if anyone is working on the DCT software? Anyone have any insight what the challenges are? Or what they are seeing or hoping to gain? And most importantly ETA?
  12. So much for Debadging..

    I know most probably are not into debadging but I like a cleaner look, even on the GT500. Well not that I am surprised but the side Cobras are pinned like the rest of the S550 cars. So no debadging for me. Attached is the picture of the Cobras for confirmation. I am still curious if the...
  13. DCT Performance?

    So if/when someone grenades the DCT who is going to fix it (besides Ford)? Just wondering if there are DCT performance companies/products out there? I assume at this point being so green(Ford/Tremec) we wont have much to choose from until the market catches up. I am not even sure what...
  14. Will the GT500 engine be offered as a crate motor?

    While were waiting....What is the odds of the GT500 engine being offered as a crate motor? I have a Fox mustang build that I want to do a coyote swap, but finding an OTB SC coyote is expensive. A GT500 crate would foot the bill, unless its stupid expensive. I mean my current build (not ford)...
  15. Letter to FORD addressing ADM?

    Just curious if anyone has reached out to FORD about the ADM going on at the dealers? Just wondering what there response is if any. I have something drafted up that I will be sending. I am overly curious to their response. It seems that a company that requires applications for Ford GT's...
  16. Why no side fender vents?

    So why does the GT500 not have side fender vents? I believe they were there for reducing lift on GT350? correct me if I am wrong. So i have a few theories but maybe someone has a real explanation. 1. Simply not needed? 2. Composite makeup of fenders? support? molding issues? 3. To further...