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  1. Warning: Don’t Trust Aftermarket Cats if Boosted.

    I thought all cats failed eventually because it wasn't about the material or how much, and was more so about the OEM tunes being able to regulate certain things to keep the cats from melting? Also seeing as it sounds like you do half mile events pretty regularly, I don't think any cat is going...

    With heat wrap in 1 area and turbo blankets together i've never had an heat issue. No melted parts and even the CHTs + IATs etc have all have been the same as when the car was N/A. Nothings changed. More backpressure and the placement of weight are the only cons I see to a top mount, which is...

    Lol not for me. As long as stock cars like Plaids and SF90s exist, im gonna need more 😂
  4. Mantic vs McLeod vs lpxHD

    I have Exedy ET04XD hypertwin disc, wanted to be different. Clutch pedal feels like stock and holds the power just fine. The initial bite just takes getting used to when coming from a stock clutch..probably like any other twin disc+ clutch but no big deal.
  5. ON3 Turbo Kit recommendations?

    Fore fuel system. You will need colder spark plugs and definitely pick up a turbo blanket or it will be hot as Sh*t in there. Rest looks good though.
  6. Back to stock from vortech

    I think you'd have to have a lemon in the first place to blow up with a simple setup. People don't typically have motor issues until they start digging into them, turn it up way too high, or they try and be the fastest man alive on 93 pump.
  7. Passenger side rattle

    Mine rattles right there too. When you're driving, right where the passengers left knee would sit, hold that down with your hand and see if it stops. It's the panel to the right of the gear selector. I'm sure there is a way to tighten it down since its an easy to remove piece, but meh...
  8. TT top mount setup 2018+ worth 24k ??? please help!

    It's a little pricey yeah but hey, it's a hell of a deal in comparison to other platforms. Everyone else either gets hit with the platform tax or needs at least motor work to do the same thing.
  9. Hellion TT Top Mount for 18 GT

    I'd do the 1300s. Keep the Fore and skip the driveshaft. Especially since you already know you want to make more power in the future.
  10. Been thinking to sell my car?

    Rowing gears makes any car fun to me. I have a 92 Integra as well and even at 80hp, rowing through the gears and whipping around in a 2500lb car is a ton of fun. I don't think I can do an auto unless it's DCT and its a MONSTER of a car...im talking big build GTR level, or something thats a...
  11. On3 single or ess g2

    I'd go ESS and leave it alone.
  12. What you think of the new Mustang?

    Lots of Camaro in it but I do like the Dark Horse. Also, finally has real brembo rear brakes, a tremec and looks like it has a front bumper camera for you super low guys.
  13. coolant change?

    I had orange in mine. Coolant tank went to min line. I mixed distilled and yellow. Poured it in. No issues.
  14. To go Drag Pack or not?

    Wow, that came out nice!
  15. The return of Project: Shelby GT500 Code Red (1300 HP, 30 Unit Limited Edition)

    This is what it looks like to me but I don't know the exact piece they're using https://www.carid.com/fabspeed/wing-risers.html?offermpnid=4794287779&view=800815&gclid=Cj0KCQjwr4eYBhDrARIsANPywCgOdfqUa06PYFPZRTFNkNsQg-HfFwvttbLhtjsI6lLdoab3YIDGVswaAtyjEALw_wcB
  16. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    Yeah the plan is to get them resurfaced/ported and slap it back together with some cams in the coming weeks
  17. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    I've done quite a few hits at 15psi and it was fine. Did only 1 dyno pull and 1 hit on the street at 16psi and it wasn't happy lol. Throwing studs and springs and a few other things in there now though so hopefully I can live in the 16-19 range at least for a while.
  18. Testing the Limits of Your Stock Motor Coyote

    Your car was a reason why I started turning it up. Then I got to 16psi (magic number) racing a zx14 and procharged car and it drunk half a tank of coolant lmao. To be fair though everyone else that comes out and turns it up that high and higher never had issues. Idk if it's the setup or because...