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  1. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    I like my borla, i cant say its tons better than stock but i think an improvement none the less.....anxious to hear it after long tubes and cat delete
  2. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I was certainly skeptical on the billet/brushed wheels, actually pretty much thought i would not like them. However i have to say now they work really well with the car and the white striping. Has the 'classic' look while still not looking dated. Great looking car.
  3. Diode Dynamics - Front Turn Signals

    I was being overdramatic, butcher was not the right word....but you have to heavily modify/remove a lot of the bracket.
  4. Diode Dynamics - Front Turn Signals

    I obviously didn't scroll down...:)
  5. Diode Dynamics - Front Turn Signals

    I am not sure of the actual part number but what you described appears right. i bought directly from DD, just make sure you choose clear or smoked....but not finding a part number on there site. Sequential LED Turn Signals for 2015-2017 Ford Mustang (pair) (USDM) (diodedynamics.com)
  6. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I am telling you....clear or black taillights......esp now that you removed the red calipers.....
  7. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I am definately over critical, just trying to understand why the trunk was striped/painted before the CFTP wing was fitted? Or at least it appears that way. Outside of availability/timeline of Wing and when it was being painted i can't think of why you wouldn't? At the end of the day it wont...
  8. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Blue on Blue is what i would have done......Great choice.
  9. Exhibitions Of Speed - PYTHON GT500 Hood Vent Project

    Understand....but I would paint it black and body work regardless if perfect
  10. Car making noise while just parked in the garage

    Yeah it would be interesting to understand the logic.....mine seems to be random but surely there is something that triggers it. For the first few months i would startle me in the shop by myself. sometimes they seem to be louder than others.
  11. Base spoiler lifting from the ends

    Has to be random cars not prepped correctly. I could literally tow a truck using my spoiler with just the 3m tape. The metal will certainly deform before the tape fails. Also could be application temp....if you apply in cold temps sometimes the bond never happens.
  12. Does anyone have a Modern Spare for their spare tire set up ?

    After getting some perspective of seeing the tire from @AngelDeath, i am a little more optimistic it will work. However they will literally being spacing the spare out past the caliper.....so if your comfortable with a ~3" bolt on spacer then it just may work. I would have no issue with a 3"...
  13. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    My OCD is kicking in and it would appear to me the special emblem is in a different location on yours. I like your location better but figured they would be in an EXACT specific location.
  14. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Well you came to your senses apparently.....
  15. 1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    My tag finally arrived.
  16. Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I will say it again.....the Hood is amazing!
  17. Warning light?

    If the front and rear tires are the same OD then obviously there is another problem. But since he is running DR then likely they are different OD. Stock front = 27.2 305/45/18 street R = 29 325/35/18 street R = 27 If running 305 Street R then FOR SURE tires difference. If running 325 Street R...
  18. Warning light?

    The light is because of tire size difference. Why it shows the ebrake warning light confused me too. 100% tire size differences. I put DR on and got the same light.....put regular tires back on and gone away. There is no fixing or adjusting this, out side of having same tire diameters, or...
  19. Base spoiler lifting from the ends

    Just a warning. My spoiler was making paint to paint contact at one of the far corners. Upon removing the spoiler a tiny spot where this contact was, removed the paint from the trunk lid. Tiny Tiny, probably 2mm diameter. I consider myself a professional spoiler remover and 100% guarantee...