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  1. PP2 Registry

    As do 325's which I had mounted on mine. 👍🏼
  2. Fuel Additives...your experience?

    Yeah there are a few stations you can even get 100 octane💲. But I was referring to ethanol free fuel.
  3. Side Mirrors glitching

    Curious, I have the Ford performance power pack tune. Think should I be concerned with getting the fix and it messing with the tune?
  4. Fuel Additives...your experience?

    Hmm, I wonder since I live in Denver (elevation) that 93 isn't available here? I've only seen 87.
  5. Fuel Additives...your experience?

    Isn't it normally a lower octane rating?
  6. Chirping

    I bought the car used with about 5000 miles. Noticed it shortly after buying it.
  7. Chirping

    Here is mine before I had it fixed.
  8. Chirping

    I had the same issue and it was this. https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2019/MC-10160869-0001.pdf This doesn't include your year though so who knows?
  9. What do you miss not having in the Mustang?

    I would like to have the numeric keypad entry if they conceal it like on my wife's edge. But I agree with others not liking/needing all the nannies and such.
  10. Best tuner to get for a good E85 tune?

    Thank you everyone for your input. Looks like my two best options using SCT are Shaun @ AED and Juggernaut. I am going to reach out to both of them and move forward from there!
  11. Best tuner to get for a good E85 tune?

    Thanks for the feedback! I assume Juggernaut emails the tune and you data-log to dial it in?
  12. Best tuner to get for a good E85 tune?

    Wondering if they tune with SCT devices?
  13. Best tuner to get for a good E85 tune?

    I have a few questions as well. I have an SCT livewire for my F150. 1. My truck has the stock tune on at the moment and the device says its unmarried. Can I marry it to my GT to tune it? 2. I have the Ford Performance kit (throttle body, CAI, tune) Can tuners account for that in there tunes...
  14. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Just so you are aware you need to tinker with them a bit to get them at the same height. Not a big deal, just wanted you to know. Here are a couple photos of people who have painted them. I want to paint mine, but I dont think I have the skills lol.
  15. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Yeah me too. They are Fugly. I put the bullitt dress up kit on instead
  16. PP2 Registry

    I believe the K-Brace that Ford is referring to is the "U" shaped brace that is ahead of your Steeda K-Brace. I don't believe the non PP cars have that.
  17. PP2 Registry

    Changing out the emblems was one of the first things I did. Looks way better in my opinion. For the pony in the grill I drilled a strategic hole for one of the pins, then I was able to get behind it with a pry tool. Came off pretty easy actually.