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  1. High Flow cats and a custom tune

    I just ordered a custom 5 star tune and my current cats need to be replaced so I ordered high flow (200 cell) cats but the tune has already been ordered (email tune). Does it make a difference at all with the tune whether the hi flows are on or not? thanks
  2. First 2021 GT500 Info Leaks

    Any word yet on the manual transmission option?
  3. Any word on a manual transmission option for 2021 or 22?

    Have heard rumors that Ford will be bringing a manual transmission in 2021 as an.alternate option for the DCT. Any validity to this?
  4. $9500 for 95 SVT Cobra?

    I used to own a 95 GT, and I all but rebuilt the motor. Im pretty mechanically incline, and love tinkering with stuff. I've replaced the heater core on the 95 GT that I had. I really missed that car over the years. Now I find the SN95 5.0's to be relatively affordable, simple cars that I can...
  5. $9500 for 95 SVT Cobra?

    Has 106,000 miles, at a dealer. Got a Paxton SC. Looks like it's in nice shape but hard to tell from pics. It's 9 hours away so I'd have to ship it. At the very least the body is straight but it's hard to tell how nice paint is. VIN shows two minor accidents reported. I have a soft spot...
  6. Witnessed a new Mustang GT crash today

    Unfortunately got news today that the driver has passed away. He was a SFC (E7) and it appears he had some sort of medical emergency prior to the car leaving the road. Pretty trippy stuff. RIP Sgt, and I hope is family is strong through this time...
  7. Sent It In The GT500 & GT350R

    Here is my PERSONAL take right now, and I have been a Mustang guy since the early 90's. If money was no matter, I'd have both the GT500 and GT350. But if it came down to it, I think the GT350 looks a little better and it still has the manual transmission option. You can also find a lightly...
  8. Witnessed a new Mustang GT crash today

    37 years? wow, congrats man that is a hell of an accomplishment. I think I'll be done when my 4 is up lol. Thank you for serving brother
  9. Witnessed a new Mustang GT crash today

    Much much respect to you. Us younger infantry dudes really look up to your generation man. Thank you
  10. Witnessed a new Mustang GT crash today

    Not really. My guess is he passed out before driving off of road for some reason. It was cold but no rain or anything.
  11. Witnessed a new Mustang GT crash today

    2018+ Mustang GT with PP1 just flew off the road into a concrete barrier at the bottom of a ditch. Happened right in front of us while we were doing platoon PT (full kit run) in the morning. SGT and I ran down to driver, he was unresponsive with blood coming out nose/mouth. Faint pulse and...
  12. New Wheels On The GT500

    damn that car is sexy as hell man. Do you miss your GT350 ever?
  13. Thanks to all the Veterans

    I dont have a gt350, yet. But I'm currently a 11B with the 101st airborne
  14. So, about the looks of the GT350 when you see one in person....

    The GT500 would look alot better if it had a manual transmission option IMO lol
  15. style snake. 2

    Yea, that does not look good at all. Reminds of guys putting a Cobra emblem on their V6
  16. So, about the looks of the GT350 when you see one in person....

    I just PCS'd to Ft Campbell and live in Clarksville, TN now. A couple of days ago I spotted a black GT350 with white stripes. It actually got behind me and drove for a bit and then went on it's way. I've seen the GT350 plenty of times in person, but I am always amazed how much better this...
  17. Whats next for GT500 in 2021-2022 and beyond

    Manual Transmission, the demand for it is just too high for Ford to ignore.
  18. Billy Johnson Reaches 139 MPH at Vegas Speedway

    NASCAR Cup cars used to hit 210 MPH on the front stretch of Vegas
  19. Any recent word on manual transmission option?

    any update on a possible manual transmission option?