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  1. Bulldogs22

    Exhaust upgrade

    I have the Corsa x pipe and love it. Lots of crackles and pops on deceleration and on upshifts. Also 0 drone and quiet when the valves are closed. I think it’s the perfect sound and recommend trying that before a cat back because then you can just get the axel back portion from Corsa. Never been...
  2. Bulldogs22

    A cool Mustang Mach 1 video

    I agree. The engine and transmission both hate slow driving. It can be done, but you just know it hates it... feels bogged down and the transmission rewards quick input shifts not bumper to bumper on and off the clutch. Tires are an easy fox but like you realize I think you know what the car...
  3. Bulldogs22

    Help! I am not in love with the GT350R Sound!

    The GT350 utilizes a flat plane crank and a different firing order. The sound you are after with the Boss simply will not happen, and this is the reason the GT350 sounds the way it does. You can go the full ARH system with resonators like others have said, but other than this I think you are...
  4. Bulldogs22

    Cobrajet intake manifold dyno

    Definitely the coolest setup I have seen on the forum now. I bet you may push 560 with some more aggressive tuning now.
  5. Bulldogs22

    Cobrajet intake manifold dyno

    Not to take away from you doing this it's awesome and the only video we have on the forum of a cobra jet manifold on these cars, but do you feel it's worth it with the cost/having to drop the motor? Just bring it up because I have seen plenty of cars get 525-530 whp with the mods above minus the...
  6. Bulldogs22

    First 2021 GT500 Info Leaks

    Evidently it will be the Carbon wheels just painted black like the R has. No word if the swing will be in carbon (I doubt it). If the exposed wheels go away for the full carbon option I think that will make a lot of people mad who want to pay for them as they look way better.
  7. Bulldogs22

    New 2019 w/600 miles

    It's the last model year so they may pull the "this car will never be made again even at 600 miles its still new and won't come below MSRP". I'd just bring up the factors of not knowing who or how the car was driven and make a solid offer to show you are serious. It's almost 2021 so they will...
  8. Bulldogs22

    New 2019 w/600 miles

    Snag that R under MSRP. I wouldn't worry about the 600 miles. Even if it wasn't broken in properly you can seat the rings still with less than 1000 miles although it's ideal after 100 miles. As the owner I would think he knows how to break in an engine (or so you would think) and you can ask him.
  9. Bulldogs22

    Replacing The Tires On My 2015 GT350 - Would Appreciate Your Help & Feedback

    Unlike most people I would highly recommend just getting the factory Cup 2's that came standard on the 19+. Provides tons of grip and have had 0 issues in rain or cold weather. Tbh unlike most people I really don't see the benefit from switching from these to another tire unless its a drastic...
  10. Bulldogs22


    I thought ARH utilized equal length which is why they sound different compared to others?
  11. Bulldogs22


    The gain you feel is from the cat delete/high flow cats along with the tuning. The stock heads are CNC Ported and it’s the stock cats that hold back the flow.
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    Nice car but as stanglife conveyed we prefer the Voodoo over here.
  13. Bulldogs22

    Georgia Custom Made 2015-2020 Mustang Rear Seat Delete

    How is the fitment/weight on this piece compared to the OEM 350 seat delete?
  14. Bulldogs22

    Mecum Houston GT500 Sold 95.7 Hammer Price

    How do you like that F-Pace SVR? Always been one of my fav looking SUV's besides the normal issues you have with Jag/Land Rover.
  15. Bulldogs22

    19 OEM Wheel Question

    Came back for a drive today and noticed on my back left wheel the pics attached. No other wheel has this, and I don’t know when it might of showed up. What’s weird is if something got logged the line is so straight it’s doesn’t seem possible. The irony is I was about to get a forged wheel setup...
  16. Bulldogs22

    Mach 1 vs Gt350 (Track Performance)

    It's a shame Ford never did a specially tuned version of the A10 like Chevy puts in the ZL 1lE to use for the 350. I know it would defeat the drivers car feel you get from a manual, but could you imagine a 350 staying in the 6k+ power band for each gear change would be a force to reckon with on...
  17. Bulldogs22

    Mach 1 vs Gt350 (Track Performance)

    An A10 Handling Pack Mach 1 will definitely destroy a 15-18 350 non R. I do not believe the 6speed Mach 1 will outperform a 19+ 350 and obviously an R on a road course. With the A10 I believe the Mach 1 can match or maybe beat a 19+350 depending on the driver and the simple fact if you put an...
  18. Bulldogs22

    New Member / New Owner - Drop a line!

    Welcome to the forum would you like a list of the things potentially wrong with your GT500 haha
  19. Bulldogs22

    Cat delete pipes

    You are correct in the factory heads are CNC ported and flow very well... the Cat delete is the main reason for increase in power on Longtubes with a tune. I agree above without Cats and the factory resonators it would be incredibly loud and wouldn't sound that good in my opinion (change in the...
  20. Bulldogs22

    Alabama WTB - GT350 2019 or 2020 OEM Wheels with center caps

    I may be upgrading my wheels on my 19 by the end of December (possibly sooner). If so mine have 0 marks or scratches in 3000 miles and would be willing to part with them for I don't even know prices but maybe like $300 a wheel.