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  1. BeastAR

    Is this too good of a deal?

    If your interested in a car with quite a bit of aftermarket parts, its not a bad deal... Not sure about the $65k in parts, maybe parts and labor together. Might try have them come down a little bit...
  2. BeastAR

    Angela III - Daily Driver Build Thread

    Keep up the good work.
  3. BeastAR

    Battery Terminal connections

    Interesting.... Revisited the thread, and think I'm going to change my setup. So you will be connecting to both positive and negative of the battery terminals? I think I'm looking to connect to the battery positive and keep the negative at the shock/strut tower ground.
  4. BeastAR

    This is OBNOXIOUS, PS5 and X box Series X availability.

    I was able to get my Xbox one series X on Walmart online. It took a few attempts for my wife and I, but were successful in the end. Has been a great upgrade from my Xbox One.
  5. BeastAR

    Battery Terminal connections

    I believe you could. Hit a volt meter to the positive and negative studs to see if you get voltage across it. But that nut is for loosening and tightening the clamps to the battery terminals. Any reason you don't want to hook the battery charger to the positive of the fuse box and negative to...
  6. BeastAR

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    Now that I can see it..... Vote exposed, hands down. But whatever you pick, its going to be awesome! Interesting they changed the rear panel. Any reason to why?
  7. BeastAR

    Ewheels Road Course Build

    Welcome back. Any updated pictures....?
  8. BeastAR

    Cabinet hardware - what is this

    It looks like the hindge that would allow you to open the drawer face and then hold and lock it at a certain position. A tilt out tray is what your looking for
  9. BeastAR

    The Official M6G Investment thread

    Thank you!! Appreciate all the information. I can make a full account with Trowe Price, but was looking into having a "few eggs in a different basket". But I will dig into them as well to see all the costs. Honestly been looking back and forth a good hour so far. No kids.... Makes the things my...
  10. BeastAR

    Trying a new look for the girl

    He stated he was putting the wing back on, just looking at thoughts of the install. :like:
  11. BeastAR

    Shipping SC2 tires in winter - cracking?

    It just depends. Storing a car's tires indoors would take a lot less abuse then in everyday outdoor temperatures. Take a good look at them when your ready to start driving on them again. The tire is super soft, compared to all-season or normal summer tires. But just like dem00n stated, if you...
  12. BeastAR

    Upgrading wheels, have questions

    Partnered between the car manufacturer and the tire manufacturer to make "their" spec tire. Just like Ford and Porsche did with Cup2s
  13. BeastAR

    The Official M6G Investment thread

    Thank you for the explanation. 1. I'll have to take a look at the brokers. Any reason you like schwab over the others? 2. I assume I can link checking or savings account..? Possibly open an additional savings to like it to a trading account. 3. Yes, looking to possibly use a thousand (example)...
  14. BeastAR

    The Official M6G Investment thread

  15. BeastAR

    Shipping SC2 tires in winter - cracking?

    Heated trailer....? 🤔 😳 Just an article I remember reading
  16. BeastAR

    The Official M6G Investment thread

    Just found this! I'll have to read some of this a little closer. I'm 37 and invest 26% before tax and 4% after tax to my company (8 years) 401K. My wife (29) works as well, same company, 24% before tax and 4% after tax to the company (10 years) 401K. I also have a coupe thousand in a roth IRA...
  17. BeastAR

    Shipping SC2 tires in winter - cracking?

    Never thought of that.... But could be likely. Just like Flatrock plant doesn't build cars with cup2 in the winter months Added: But its usually when load is on them in cold temperatures that they can...
  18. BeastAR

    Trying a new look for the girl

    Now that I think about it, are you putting the stock wing back on....? Might not be too bad
  19. BeastAR

    Ford ESP Warranty Plan Price Increase (Updated)

    No worries. Same here, :beer: here is to a better year
  20. BeastAR

    Just received my 2020 GT500 and need your guys opinions

    @Hrannar Looks like you are missing 3 clips... 2 open holes at the radiator shroud and the one at the headlight. And it does appear that the hose has pulled from the crimp, but could have been from the manufacturing process. Hard to say, would have to look really close... Its smooth, but doesn't...