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  1. Blue smoke on start

    You got your color wrong: Fuel=black Coolant =white Oil=blue
  2. Steeda Forum Discount code?

    Nice 👍 of you What do you need as for first responders credentials?
  3. Steeda Forum Discount code?

    Just curious, how much is the discount?
  4. Cheap good tire

    Can you explain what make a tire good looking compared to a normal tire????
  5. Coil Covers

    A bit confusing because what you show are not coil covers at all. The coil covers are directly on the heads.
  6. My car was involved in a hit and is being a real pain

    Basically you’re admitting to insurance fraud.....
  7. Coil Covers

    Maybe you need to clarify your question None of the parts you mentioned would have any impact on the coil covers So I guess that we are scratching our collective heads trying to figure out your question
  8. Getting the GT350R dialed in for Sebring

    Not trying to start an argument but anyone that track/race cars will tell you the same thing, camber bolts are ok on the street with street tires but they don’t belong on a track, especially if using track tires I bet you that what they did to add extra camber, more than the bolts allowed, was...
  9. Getting the GT350R dialed in for Sebring

    Sorry but the right way, especially for the track, to add negative camber is NOT to use what you call “service bolts” But rather camber plates The service bolts that replace the strut to spindle bolts are weaker than the original because they need to have a smaller od in order to modify the...
  10. Blue smoke on start

    If that happen only once in a while, I would not worry about it If that happen almost every single time, you have a serious issue, likely to be valve seal related
  11. Need Help Sourcing a Part

    It’s not pipe thread for sure. It’s why you have an o-ring for sealing. Also the length of the part that screw in the valve cover is critical because you have a 1 way silicone valve at the bottom of the valve cover hole
  12. Oil Separator / Catch Cans

    I don’t think that some cars puke from the driver side and some don’t.. It’s all based on sustained high rpms combined with high lateral loading. Either you reach those critical parameters or you don’t
  13. Oil Separator / Catch Cans

    If it wasn’t for the California Air Resource Board, the air in most of California would be so polluted that it would be deadly I remember living in LA back in the early eighties when the pollution was so bad that you couldn’t even see the nearby mountains Do you really think that the progress...
  14. Oil Separator / Catch Cans

    The gt500 separator is only on the passenger and drain back to the valve cover
  15. Oil Separator / Catch Cans

    Only on the passenger side which drain back to the valve cover
  16. Oil Separator / Catch Cans

    If you have no oil in the driver side when tracking the car is simply because you’re not going fast enough As a matter of fact I ( and some other friends) had to use the gt500 aluminum valve covers, that have a much better baffling system with quite a few one-way drain valves, to stop the...
  17. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    They are not
  18. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    ?????? You need the same support on a track for open tracking than for racing You can’t drive well if you have to brace yourself because your body is not held in place by a racing seat and a 5/6 pts racing harness
  19. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    The real issue is the lack of provision for a 5/6 pts racing harness and you can’t drive correctly on a track without 1
  20. Recaro seats YES or NO ??

    The Recaro are not designed for racing but rather to make people believe that you’re a racer