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  1. Avispa

    Buying a hood, will the factory painted hood match mine?

    This thread falls in the "AYFKM?" category. Ford has been fighting problems with Oxford white as far back as the late 70s. Some things just don't ever get fixed. :curse:
  2. Avispa

    Pedal Commander First Thoughts

    So glad to have found this thread. A year into the '16, my first Stang with electric throttle, and I thought I was going crazy bc of the way the car responds to the gas pedal. Nothing at al like a cable throttle. Posted on another thread from a member trying to decide Vortech or PB blower, and...
  3. Avispa

    Digital Instrument Cluster in Convertible --- Readable in Sun Glare?

    I dont. That said, the center display between the tach and speedo also washes out in the sun. Cant think of a single digital display on any car, going all the way back to C4 Corvettes that weren't hard or impossible to read in the sun.
  4. Avispa

    Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    Well it was wife #2 that got me to buy my yellow Terminator and put a Whipple 2 3 on it, so........I just got lucky.
  5. Avispa

    SC for Daily Driven '19 A10: Whipple or Vortech ?

    You guys will all think this is nuts, but either the Vortex or the Whipple will do the job, and how they perform in DD service won't be much different. It took a LOT of getting used to the S550 after 12 years with a Whipple Terminator. Why? Electric throttle. Finally dawned on me that the...
  6. Avispa

    Do they not know what they have?

    They may not know. I had quite a time getting a Ford dealer in Daytona to send pics of the motor to confirm their on line ad that said this car had a supercharger. Wanted at least to see that before driving 3 hours to see it in person. It listed for not much more than a plain-o GT.
  7. Avispa

    Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    Oh, and another thing... if you gotta drive a Pinto, at least put a 331 stroker in it.
  8. Avispa

    Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    Yes, women drive Mustangs. Over on the why didn't you get a Camaro thread, I explained that my first stang was bc the ex wife wouldn't let me buy her a Camaro. Said those are bitch cars. So she got an 89 LX 5.0 convertible. That was 30 years ago. Heard she recently bought an S550 convertible.
  9. Avispa

    Digital Instrument Cluster in Convertible --- Readable in Sun Glare?

    Don't do it. You won't see a doggone thing on the instrument panel when sunlight hits it directly. Don't take my word for it. Try seeing anything on your infotainment display when the sun hits it. Florida, Alaska, doesn't make a bit of difference, unless you consider the length of day and...
  10. Avispa

    Name that sound !

    Great detective work! :thumbsup: For sure grade 8 or ARP hi tensile strength bolts.
  11. Avispa

    What's so Special about a California???????

    I got this one for the already installed and tuned VMP Gen 2 setup. It being a CS didnt make a difference in the buy decision.
  12. Avispa

    Name that sound !

    Just curious how you were still getting noise with the belts off
  13. Avispa

    Name that sound !

    I'm with sigintel on this one, with the comment that the noise starts and stops like a switch is turned on and off. That suggests the AC compressor. Its the only thing that cycles at idle. Shut the climate control off and try again. If no noise at all, then put the AC on full blast, highest fan...
  14. Avispa

    New GT or used GT PP1

    Its been a bit tighter than usual this year, but still the first owner takes the biggest hit on depreciation. I have never bought a new car for that reason. There are plenty of great condition, low mileage used GTs available. Many of those still have factory warranty left on them.
  15. Avispa

    Any ideas for vanity plates?

    I had my screen name plate on my yellow 03 Terminator convertible, black top. Tex Mex word for any bee like insect. Perfect. Ordering K BYE O for this car. Transliteration of the Spanish word for horse. Already have "Horse Country" Florida plate on it.
  16. Avispa

    Spanish MACH1 build and price

    Laffin in agreement with Spain Spanish. The Spanish are snooty about it, too. Kinda like the Brits with us. Tex Mex is a much more useful language than formal Spanish.
  17. Avispa

    Getting my second Mustang, questions

    Steve, for what you paid for that car, who cares if it eats a battery in a couple weeks. I wouldn't spend a penny on any fluid other than engine oil. Trans/diff fluid and chassis grease don't degrade if they aren't loaded/heated and are pretty much sealed off from air moisture. There's nothing...
  18. Avispa

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    Ok, the REAL reason I didn't get a Camaro is the ex. It was time to get her a car. She wanted another convertible. After her VW Rabbit POS, told her it was a V8 American car or the deal was off. I wanted a Gen 3 Camaro, but she said no, "those are bitch cars " So the 89 Fox it was. Never looked...
  19. Avispa

    Why DIDN'T you get a camaro?

    It wasn't just Ford. 1974 was a really depressing year for cars, and there were still more to come. They hadn't put cats on cars yet and EFI was a dozen years off. We all thought it was the end of the world. CATS? No, I'm not nuts. Those things and EFI saved cars. Don't ever forget it.
  20. Avispa

    Sad days ahead.

    Clutches - you can keep em. Had my fill with the last Terminator.