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  1. jabrax

    Official Square Setup Picture / Specs / Handling Characteristics Thread

    Here is what the 6gr 10 squared looks like mentioned by Nightmare
  2. jabrax

    Pennsylvania Project6GR - Brushed Titanium finish - Toyo R888R

    A couple of pics on the car
  3. jabrax

    Pennsylvania Project6GR - Brushed Titanium finish - Toyo R888R

    Mustang Project 6GR wheels - 19X10 squared wrapped in Toyo R888R tires. - $1500.00 Original wheels wrapped in MPss tires were about 3800. New set of Toyos 1300 So you are actually getting the wheels as throw-ins on a set of Toyo tires :rockon: Tires are 1 1/2 years old, less than 1000 miles (1...
  4. jabrax

    Pennsylvania 15 Gt Steering Wheel (2)

    2015 Mustang Gt 2 Steering wheels - both excellent conditions 100 each shipped
  5. jabrax

    Pennsylvania 15 Performance Pack Springs

    Car sold with aftermarket parts - Springs and Sway bars removed with less than 2000 miles. Springs 50 Sway Bars Sold Prefer local pickup - Ship at buyers expense
  6. jabrax

    Pennsylvania Scroth Quickfit Harness - Black

    Schroth Quick Fit Harness for 05-17 Mustangs Easy install - I will include instructions, plus email 40 sec video from Scroth of easier way to install. Lift back seat - pull down carpet. Only 2 bolts to remove and install brackets. Your original seatbelt remains and you do not have to remove...
  7. jabrax

    GT Steeda S550 BumpSteer Kit - Brand New

    Yes, item is sold