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  1. geep81

    I DON'T have the tick but I have the 2K Rattle

    Every gen 3 coyote has the rattle. Relax it's OK. (the people who claim to not have it are deaf or in denial)
  2. geep81

    Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    Well I am on that one, I just don't have this newest minor one I guess. My '19 and '20 GT's both had the heated steering wheel in the same place for what it's worth. On Home Screen and in a sub menu of the climate page.
  3. geep81

    Official Ford Sync3 3.4 Release

    I have not updated yet, and I have a heated wheel button on the Home Screen but not the climate screen (unless I go into a sub menu from the climate screen).
  4. geep81

    Why did you get a manual

    That I don't get - the auto is a much more complicated and expensive piece of hardware. Also newer tech that recently cost a boatload to develop. The manual transmission is pretty simple in comparison. Makes sense to me it costs more.
  5. geep81

    Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    Man do I love Velocity Blue.
  6. geep81

    Performance Tuning Chip???

    Do you think if I select the 12 cylinder model that I can bump my car up 4 more cylinders?
  7. geep81

    Magnetic Metallic vs. Velocity Blue vs. Rapid Red

    First I bought Magnetic after see-sawing between that and VB. Then it came with bad paint and I took that as a sign and got VB on the replacement. I should have done VB all along.
  8. geep81

    How good is Bang & Olufsen speaker set, really?

    That Pioneer model suggested on this forum is so powerful on max settings it rattles and makes parts vibrate in my interior. I used to have 2 12's when I was younger, IMO that sub replacement is pretty solid. Definitely a plus to not have to re-wire/change everything up to get some nicer bass. I...
  9. geep81

    How good is Bang & Olufsen speaker set, really?

    Once you get it I recommend testing out the surround vs stereo modes in it. I actually found I preferred surround stock, with some adjustments fading the front speakers to the back a tick or two. I definitely think the stock B&O is worth it.
  10. geep81

    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Thanks for the info. I haven't gotten that far yet, just a bunch of driving around the city yesterday. I am really impressed by these changes. I have had 2 years now in a 2019/2020 GT mt-82 and the changes more in characteristics not necessarily power are really noticeable and seem to be great...
  11. geep81

    Bluetooth audio stutter / skipping

    Have you tried a USB cable to test and confirm the stutter only happens via bluetooth? I would start there. If it's only bluetooth I'd start with the basics of unpair/unsync on both car and phone and re-connect them. Seems stupid but sometimes things like that works.
  12. geep81

    How good is Bang & Olufsen speaker set, really?

    I really like my B&O. I did do two things that I think really improved it - disabled the center speaker, and I replaced the cheap subwoofer with a upgraded one. Just swapped the speakers nothing else. Huge improvement for me in those two fixes, I think my sound system is great. (both of my...
  13. geep81

    Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I got my kit installed today. Have driven around a bunch, need more time, but I can tell you it's made two things so much better for me: 1) rev hang. I feel like I can shift/clutch/shift as quickly as I've wanted to all along 2) the extra torque down low seems to be making things easier for me...
  14. geep81

    Thank you!

    My fiancé ordered the Ford Performance tune kit for my 2020 GT for me for xmas. It came quick. Getting it installed on Tuesday. Thanks a lot, and Merry Christmas!
  15. geep81

    I don't know if my car is actually starting in quiet mode...

    One flick just brings up the menu and shows you that you are currently in normal, you always have to double flick to get to a new mode. I have MyMode set up in track exhaust with normal drive mode, so I am always two flicks away from loudness. You can flick 3 times and go to sport+, or 4 times...
  16. geep81

    Digital Shift Knob

    Does not apply to 18's, only 19+. You can't display gear on the digital dash in the 18's for some reason.
  17. geep81

    I don't know if my car is actually starting in quiet mode...

    If you switch to quiet mode when you come home the night before, it will be quieter the next start. I have an H pipe and keep it in quiet start 24/7. I have noticed if I come home in track, it starts louder the next morning vs switching it to quiet as I park.
  18. geep81

    Why did Ford rush the 2018 facelift?

    Did you all ever see this image before? I used to think the 18+ front end was more shark-like, until I saw this comparison.