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  1. 2018 GT PP2 Rear Differential Overheating Issue

    The cover is simply a piece of aluminum bolted to the differential that holds in the fluid and has two mounting tabs for the subframe to differential bolts, the cover does not perform any mechanical or electrical function other than sitting there.
  2. GT350 heads on 5.0

    I'm pretty sure that he means the required Ford Performance cams made for using Voodoo heads in a 5.0L cross plane configuration.
  3. 3.73 to 4.88 Gear Swap Problems **RESOLVED, STEEDA TUNE FIXED ALL ISSUES**

    A Ford GT350 TR3160 or another Tremec XL model, the second involves substantially more work. I believe that the GT and GT350 use the same reverse and temp sensor and it plugs right in. No custom driveshaft, mount, or shifter, direct Ford for Ford parts swap.
  4. 3.73 to 4.88 Gear Swap Problems **RESOLVED, STEEDA TUNE FIXED ALL ISSUES**

    Several people, both 15-17 and 18+, have swapped in the TR3160 out of the GT350. I have a TR3160 sitting in my garage waiting already. Only tuning to program the different gear ratios as far as electronics go. Mechanically everything is bolt in because the chassis is the same and the engines...
  5. 3.73 to 4.88 Gear Swap Problems **RESOLVED, STEEDA TUNE FIXED ALL ISSUES**

    I certainly agree, I think the MT82D4 in the Bullitt and other 18-20 GTs is very poorly geared. The only redeeming feature of the MT82D4 is rev matching in the 19+ version. I have the MT82 in my 15 and it has better, more closely spaced ratios than the MT82D4 but I have a 16 TR3160 sitting on...
  6. Advice on tuning for doing high speed runs...

    There are legally sanctioned open road races where you can run in classes from 110-160mph continuously for 60 miles. People talk about foing a couple of pulls in a row, but what about running 5500-6500rpm for 30 minutes straight to maintain a 120mph speed.
  7. Steeda’s New S550 Road Racing K-member

    I would rather have the brace scrape than my headers, think of it as a Nerf bar.
  8. Inside the "Super 8.8" Rear End

    I'm sure I'm not alone in being interested in more details about the FluiX cover.
  9. Rear differential

    Base with the $395 3.55 option. I don't see anyone going to the trouble to swap 3.55 stickers onto a 3.15 differential. Why would you take it apart? If you want to verify the ratio you could count revolutions comparing pinion to axle splines. You would need to turn it multiple revolutions to...
  10. Rear differential

    So basically you're saying you bought one that looks just like the one in the original post, an unpainted raw aluminum housing with a nicely painted pinion flange. It's an 18+ differential but not from a PP1 unless there was a serious production error. A 18+ auto PP1 will have a black painted...
  11. 3.73->3.55 difficulty (Torsen 2015 MT-82)

    No, the 3.55 Torsen equipped differential from the automatic PP1 is steel.
  12. 3.73->3.55 difficulty (Torsen 2015 MT-82)

    Just swap in a complete intact 3.55 Torsen differential out of a 18+ auto PP1, that's my plan. I have the 3.55 differential and a TR3160 in the garage waiting.
  13. 15 throttle body vs 18
  14. 15 throttle body vs 18

    I think I only paid $35 shipped for a 15-17 throttle body off ebay.
  15. Drivers side oil separator

    Since you have the Power Pack 2 on your car the FRPP driver side separator should also fit because you have the GT350 intake tube and airbox that the GT350 driver side separator mounts to.
  16. This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    I don't see any conceivable way he could be shifting faster than a computer and electronically controlled throttle can respond.
  17. Borla Resonated H pipe...not what I was expecting

    I've never seen a part number for a FRPP by Borla resonator alone.
  18. This is the brand new 2021 Mustang Mach-1

    How long have you had you TR3160 installed in your GT? The one I have is also a 2016 Base/Tech version so the only extra cooling I would have for it would be the Shelby cooler scoop I have to install with it.
  19. Middle exhaust hanger?

    Does the EcoBoost have an exhaust hanger in the middle on the car? Along the driveshaft tunnel between the cat and the rear differential? If so, does anyone have a decent photo?