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  1. Living in Socal with LT's

    As long as you dont drive like an idiot or have a rice out mustang you should be fine. I have longtubes, no cats, magnaflow resonated x pipe and essentially SR Performance's muffler delete with a vortech supercharger and I never get harassed. The car is def not quite and its on drag radials and...
  2. Anyone Looking to trade their Square setup for a Drag Setup?

    Either one you will be happy with. The nt05rs would be sick on the back but I would run a taller profile in the rear to get some more tire. They are pretty good tires too tbh. Plus the color of your car will compliment it to me. I love the color you got man.
  3. Anyone Looking to trade their Square setup for a Drag Setup?

    I appreciate the possible offer but looking for something a little closer to the front and rear being the same size. The wheels look sick though!
  4. Anyone Looking to trade their Square setup for a Drag Setup?

    Does anyone have a square wheel/tire setup or even a staggered setup that is a little more on the aggressive side that has been wanting a drag setup? I recently bought some Race Stars and Mickey Thompson tires but looking to go back to square/staggered setup. My setup is pretty much brand new...
  5. 2019 Mustang GT OEM Exhaust Manifolds/Headers and Cats

    Check out the Cali thread here on the forums. A guys just messaged needing the cats for his Mustang. He might be willing to buy your setup. I have a fren that can help me with that lol most of my cars needed him anyways as everything in Cali is not allowed -_-.
  6. 2019 Mustang GT OEM Exhaust Manifolds/Headers and Cats

    Yeah they sold actually pretty quick on offer up.
  7. Alignment Shop

    Looks like it grabs the whole wheel/tire. Pricing is different per vehicle. Normal alignment shops wanted like 80 bucks and they only adjusted toe. I believe he did my car for 100 bucks and that included adjusting toe, caster, camber, etc etc on air. The car handles phenomenal. I would...
  8. Alignment Shop

    Yes sir. I ended up going to a place in Glendale called Andys Alignment. The guys there did a killer job and knew what they were doing. Worked out for me too since it was only like a 10 min drive. I appreciate your response though!
  9. Group canyon drives?

    If you hit it let me know. I am like 3 exits away from ACH off the 210. Ive been needing to test the air ride in the canyons before i upgrade the sway bars and other suspension components.
  10. California FS PP Brembo breaks with hawk performance break pads and Baer rotors

    Will you sell just the calipers? If so what’s your price? I’m here in Cali as well.
  11. New Jersey 2019 Performance Pack Front Brake Calipers and Rotors

    How much will you ship just the calipers to 91042?
  12. Bagged S550 Pictures

    Here are mine till I work on fitment. I am trying to run the meatiest tire possible while being able to air out all the way. I still have about 2 inches I can go in the front but my tires are preventing it. Currently running 20x10 SVE wheels front and rear with a 285/35/20 in front and a...

    Excuse the dirt all over her. Shes used as a daily and gets driven hard.
  14. D2 Racing Lowering Springs OEM Struts/Shocks

    SOLD. Thank you.
  15. Track Car Part out! Pick up in SOCAL (PRICE DROP)

    Does the cage have the rear bolt in bars and all the hardware as well?
  16. D2 Racing Lowering Springs OEM Struts/Shocks

    Finally got around to installing my Air Lift setup so my spring/strut/shock combo is up for sale. The struts/shocks are the oem ones off my 2019 GT. The springs are D2 Racing Springs. They ride pretty good and gave the vehicle a nice stance. They are similar to eibach sportlines drop. I...
  17. Alignment Shop

    Does anyone have a referral they can give me for a good alignment shop. I am tired of all these horrible shops that do a half a** job. I just finished the air suspension install on my car and would like a good shop to get the alignment set good. I am located near Pasadena but I am willing...
  18. Good shop in S.Cali to install gears??

    If its the Ford Racing parts the dealer should be able to take care of it. This way it will be on your warranty and vehicle records as well. You might save a few bucks going to another shop though. Let me know how you like the 4.10s once you have them installed. Ive been contemplating doing...