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  1. WildHorse

    More 'Karen's' wanna kill the drag race scene :(

    There's a Karen that raising a stink about trying to get rid of a newly opened 1/8 mile track. If you guys could take a min to sign this petition, that would be awesome. Don't worry about being from another country, as we have many fine Americans that make the trip across the Northern border to...
  2. WildHorse

    2017 GT - add ported 2018 manifold?

    No need for another handheld. I just added a 2018 intake manifold to my '17 and I just use a diablosport inTune for everything I do. Cheers
  3. WildHorse

    2017 GT - add ported 2018 manifold?

    Bama is good. Some say it isn't cause they're still living in 2011 when BAMA had some issues which were quickly fixed. if you paid for the bama 'tunes for life' you can add whatever parts you want and get a revision. For a daily, I stick with them. just my opinion.
  4. WildHorse

    Throttle Body on Ported 18 manifold

    Lund does copy & paste tunes. That's there money maker. They won't sit there and try to make a larger TB work unless your willing to pay BIG BUCKS, then damn skippy it'll make some ponies. What you need to do is find a independant good tuner or another company that's willing to give it a shot...
  5. WildHorse

    Report: Next gen S650 Mustang will have full 8 year life cycle

    I doubt that very much. If it's going to have a AWD variant, and all likelihood it will, it will use many many many elements from the CD6, if not almost completely. JMO.
  6. WildHorse

    why does everyone want to spin the coyote up to 8000 plus?

    Yes sir you shift at a high enough RPM where your still making more than peak engine torque at the flywheel. So if your engine makes 420 ft-pounds and you shift say at 7500 when the engine is making 290 ft-lbs, take the gear ratio say 1.5:1 multiply by 290ft-lbs. So that would be 1.5*290 =...
  7. WildHorse

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    And you're still a b!tch. How did you eloquently put it ? Oh yeah, next.
  8. WildHorse

    Please Educate Me On Torque Management

    Rather be a Canadian Hillbilly than a arrogant Merikan b!tch. Besides, if you knew anything about Canada, you'd realise there are no hillbillies here. Name all 50 states and American territories without googling in under a minute. See ? Arrogant b!tch.
  9. WildHorse

    2015+ Catless Droneless Exaust Setup? (Stock Headers)

    Me. feline delete. suitcase delete, SLP Loudmouth II axle backs. Zero drone.
  10. WildHorse

    Car got banged up a little. Time for new parts.

    hard application of the brakes & smooth steering inputs. Even if you thumped the deer it prolly would have caused less damage than thumping the tree. #themoreyouknow
  11. WildHorse

    Catch cans... need some advice

    see how low the UPR one is vs the JLT ? Any sort of decel in gear your gonna suck that oil straight through the JLT can. With the UPR hanging much lower & longer lines it's not that much of a problem. With my JLT I was still noticing oil going straight through. So I added like 16 inches of line...
  12. WildHorse

    M6G member gets mention in Car & Driver!

    I need to brush up on Bulgarian humor !! :rockon:
  13. WildHorse

    M6G member gets mention in Car & Driver!

    Not really. I seen hellcats at our track in street trim that couldn't even get outta the 12's. The track here isn't the best prepped so you really gotta be on your game to cut a decent 60.
  14. WildHorse

    Misfiring even after replacing coils

    and why was it getting a 'constant ground'?
  15. WildHorse

    M6G member gets mention in Car & Driver!

    Those are on tracks that'll take your shoes off. Haha.
  16. WildHorse

    M6G member gets mention in Car & Driver!

    "This time the modified Mustang dashed to 60 mph in 3.6 seconds, squeezing between the stock GT's 3.8-second sprint and the 760-hp Mustang Shelby GT500's 3.4-second time. The BFP-built Stang ticked off the quarter-mile in 11.7 seconds at 124 mph, chasing the GT500's run of 11.3 seconds at 132...
  17. WildHorse

    Replacement AGM Battery?

    That's the M6G way. Ask a simple question. They say the owner's manual must be wrong, you know, cause they never bothered READING it, then give you the most convoluted way to go about it. Haha. The BCM really doesn't give a hoot what battery you install as long as you let it be for 8 hours.
  18. WildHorse

    Cold Weather Observations

    Yesterday here was -6c, -3008 ft DA, I think the conversion was damn near 500 hp. Maybe just a tad over. Wonder if I can get the M/T street R bias plies to hook haha.