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  1. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    Really had to stretch to disagree with me. I am not trying to troll so I will just make my point again. Ford didn’t want completion from the EcoBoost with a new turbo and tune. I love turbo cars and Ford could have made these to support 600 hp with ease. They didn’t and we all know why.
  2. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    What planet do you live on? Coyotes are living healthy lives at 2x factory horsepower. You can buy a factory warrantied system with 40% more HP. They are most definitely over engineered. Ford could have cut corners on the engine but didn’t. 1k wheel out of the factory shortblock has happed. 8s...
  3. How bad did ford Sandbag the Ecoboost?

    Ford didn’t want the EcoBoost with a turbo upgrade competing with the coyote. Pretty simple why they didn’t over engineer like the coyote.
  4. M6G member gets mention in Car & Driver!

    That made me cringe. Sending a test car out with the stock tune. Ouch. Should also be a high 10 second car. Tune only these cars run 11.5s. Talk about neutered tune.
  5. Would you buy a previous rental?

    If you are talking about Ford quality, I get it but generally these cars are pretty well taken care of. Oil changed on schedule and tire rotated. You might get the crazy rental from time to time but overall most people paying convertible GT rental money are going to be middle class and somewhat...
  6. Would you buy a previous rental?

    I have bought a couple rentals. Both great cars. Get the warranty if you are scared of repairs. If the price is right get it.
  7. Bitcoin

    I will be a great investment right up to the point the government becomes scared of it. It is a direct competitor for the dollar/swift system and one day will come under scrutiny from many governments. Blockchain technology will end up saving the world though. It is like a tattoo. Once it’s...
  8. Yes females drive mustangs, you need to . . . educate yourself

    So like if there was some pants on the bed and you both were getting ready who would put them on?
  9. student debt forgiveness is back

    I think we passed that point this year. Something live 5 million households are expected to be evicted when the eviction ban ends. What’s going to happen then? More stimulus. Covid set it up perfect. MMT is here and everything is free. I am against forgiveness but I guess the question I ask...
  10. student debt forgiveness is back

    My Dad always said - When people realize they can vote themselves money the republic is over. College loan forgiveness is just the start. What is next after that goal is accomplished? It doesn’t matter though. We will only hear the approved information from here on out. So roses and sugar I guess.
  11. Sun Visor help with garage door opener.

    I bought one off eBay. The mounting clips vary by year but the visor doesn’t and the old clips can be reused. Plug and play.
  12. Radar Detector mounting locations / pics

    They make radar detector detectors for that but some radar detectors have radar detector detectors built into them to detect detectors. The cops have since gotten wise of these radar detector detectors and now some have radar detector detector detectors. I am waiting for companies to come...
  13. Who here has gotten COVID

    This is not a normal vaccine. It’s the first time in history we have used his type of vaccine. It’s just a small piece of code that shows the body how to sidestep the most terrible effects of the virus. Most vaccines are inactive virus that trains the body to recognize the entire virus. This...
  14. Who here has gotten COVID

    I agree the SA strain is everywhere. I disagree we can control this thing until natural herd immunity is reached.
  15. Who here has gotten COVID

    Yes it is most likely everywhere. It’s referred to as the SA variant because most people people don’t recognize 501Y.V2. It is becoming the more dominate variant because it has evolved to be more effective on humans vs other types. It might cause reinfection while being less effective to a...
  16. Who here has gotten COVID

    Sorry to hear about your uncle. It is isn’t very odd this virus is mutating to do a better job at spreading itself. It uses natural selection to better itself every single generation. Most don’t stick but some do. The SA serotype has a few big changes in the spike protein. They are working...
  17. Who here has gotten COVID

    The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. There is two completely different set of ‘facts’ these days. Your facts are only the what you have been told. The problem is everyone believes they know their ‘facts’. Covid is real and we are most likely closer to the...
  18. It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    That’s funny. It’s just a way to tax ICE cars more. Reads taxes to increase on ICE cars passed a certain date. Just wait until they unveil taxes on eletric cars since the gas tax will no longer apply. Driving will be for the wealth which IMO is most of the point of the globally warming push...
  19. Resonator Delete Question

    I dropped the whole exhaust by myself no problem. Put the back of the car on jack stands and pulled it right down. Actually since I put dumps in ended up doing it 4 times checking alignment. Pull the rear hangers off and then remove forward hanger bolts. Comes right off. Use a jack to get it...
  20. Who here has gotten COVID

    Thanks. Vitamin D levels are the single best indicator of outcome so far discovered. Vitamin D levels generally bottom out in March and peak in September. Flu trends match this well. Here is some condensed research for those interested.