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  1. kz

    Tire recommendation for summer daily driver and track

    With proper wheels offsets / spacers / camber - it will.
  2. kz

    Magneride Clunks or Rattles?

    Thanks ! Didn't have to measure even.
  3. kz

    Magneride Clunks or Rattles?

    If you have caliper handy - would you mind measuring diameters of both bars ? I don't if I have seen those measured / posted anywhere.
  4. kz

    Magneride Clunks or Rattles?

    Typically sway bar links is the first thing that gets loose and clunks - which could have been the case since you were taking struts out - the link mounts to the bar / strut but also the nuts on the link itself (if it's adjustable) get loose as well - I always put blue loctite on them.
  5. kz

    RE71R's or something else for summer daily driving/track days?

    RE71Rs are being discontinued - you can still buy them but new ones are not being made. They're OK in rain as long as they have tread left but far far inferior to regular summer tire like PS4S. I've driven on fairly worn out RE71R in torrential rain and did not die. Falken has RT660 now...
  6. kz

    SCCA CAM-C Thread

    He actually - having DSC controller - can run a Normal mode throttle map and upload whatever he wants as Magnaride calibration for that mode (and turn off all the Advancetrac crap). It effectively solves the problem of non-GT350 cars having preset modes without ability to select suspension mode...
  7. kz

    Ohio Thread

    Thanks for invite but meets are not exactly my cup of tea. If anything, would bring '65 out since it doesn't get driven enough and I wouldn't mind going to Cabelas (which now is quite sad store).
  8. kz

    Ohio Thread

    Thanks everyone for suggestion - I got it done by Smyth Automotive Machine Shop on Route 42 in West Chester (which happens to be about 15 minutes drive for me) in couple of hours. I've used them in the past for some other work as well. Their machine shop looks little old school but they had...
  9. kz

    Anybody here still work out?

    I've been working out my entire life - was a competing athlete at some point... Recently (I am 44) 3 days weights in the gym, 3 days running - when gym closed in March, I did quick attempt to grab some equipment (I already had squat rack, olympic bar, bench, plates, two shorter bars and...
  10. kz

    Random- Treadmill owners? Questions

    Not sure what initial post was about - I've had treadmill for close to 10 years now - I run three days a week and do weight remaining four. I only use treadmill when I have to becuase of the weather outside. For me running outside is so much better, compared to treadmill when I keep looking how...
  11. kz

    Ohio Thread

    Very familiar with them. Not going there again, ever. But thanks.
  12. kz

    Ohio Thread

    Does anyone have a recommendation on a machine shop that would press out RLCA bushings (and do not damage control arms in that process - they're aluminum) and press in bearings ? I have control arms removed from the car, so it's just the pressing piece that I need done. In Greater Cinci area.
  13. kz

    Is Air Suspension Worth It?

    Problem is that eibach springs isn't by any means tuning a suspension for performance applications. It's merely lowering the car. You start with dampers and go from there. It all depends what you want - fancy looks and lowering with a button (not sure why this is a thing) with some kind of...
  14. kz

    Battery charging

    It is really to avoid shorting it - once negative is connected, accidental touch of positive terminal anywhere on car's metal surface short circuits the battery.
  15. kz

    RLCA removal

    Going to friend's tomorrow to use his press. After an attempt to get the knuckle bushing out and then pressing the bearing it I just decided to take everything out and use a press. I'll swap rear studs for APR ones too while I'm at it.
  16. kz

    Magneride Retrofit

    It also appears shock mounting is different on MR arms - the "foot" of the shock goes underneath on MR cars and goes on top of the arm on on MR ones. I have both arms completely out of the car right now. Shocks and knuckles are off too.... So if anyone wants any detailed pics or P/Ns, now...
  17. kz

    RLCA removal

    Well - I was actually quite dumb - since I've had knuckles off already, I got the damper off that got me more access to forward bolt with the number of ratchets. Once that was out, spring came out without unbolting the subframe (which I could - not worried about alignment since at this point...
  18. kz

    Rear tire rubbing, alignment question

    Max camber is like Dana says way way beyond 1.8 degrees - I think with lowering springs it actually limits camber on the positive side. With stock parts, camber is adjusted by sliding inboard side of the camber link inside the slot in the frame - doesn't look like the shop made that important...
  19. kz

    RLCA removal

    From which side did you insert the ratchet ? From the side of the car ? From the bottom ? I still have the spring in (since arm is coming out, spring will too so I won't lower the subframe if I don't have to) but can take it out. Since manual talks about exhaust it seems like they're...
  20. kz

    RLCA removal

    What is the right way to get to forward bolt on RLCAs ? I have knuckle out, can likely get the camber link out too, would rather not remove half shafts. Manual talks about removing exhaust but I don't see where the exhaust would be in the way of accessing that bolt...