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  1. volcanogod

    Battery charging

    The reason to connect the negative last is done so to a remote ground is to avoid hydrogen based explosion. As lead batteries charge they release hydrogen. Any spak may result in the battery blowing the top of the battery off in the air. I've seen this 1st hand in the USAF where 2 x large...
  2. volcanogod

    Looking at an '18 GT350

    That seems out of line for that money and that many miles. WIth that many miles and the years it should be in the 40k region. In 2018 I paid 48K OTD still under factory bumper to bumper with 5,600 miles on the clock. I would play hardball with them.
  3. volcanogod

    Odd whooshing/rattle noise

    Piston slap? Won't do it without load. Perfectly normal. Be sure to let you oil warm up before you rev it much.
  4. volcanogod

    gt350 introduction clip

    No flatbed tow truck... Bye Bye front splitter!!! :(
  5. volcanogod

    Cobrajet intake manifold dyno

    We really need a video of the dyno!! :) Looks great! I want to hear what it sounds like. :)
  6. volcanogod

    Who is breaking the law over front license plates?

    I kind of figured most LEO's had the same mind set. Thank you for sharing your experience/perspective!!! TY for your service!
  7. volcanogod

    Who is breaking the law over front license plates?

    Wow that is harsh! My seller begged me to not put in in the windshield. :) If I get ticketed I guess I'll go with the no drill option.
  8. volcanogod

    GT350R in Slovenia

    Agreed! It is great to see Mustang/Shelby brothers/sisters on the other side of the world have the same sickness we have in the America's. :handsinair: :D
  9. volcanogod

    Who is breaking the law over front license plates?

    I purchased my 2016 GT350 Tech pack from a collector. The car had never seen the rain till the day I drove it home. The collector pleaded for me to never install front license plates or go ghetto with putting the plate on my dash. Feb 2021 will mark 2 years of rebellion for me with driving...
  10. volcanogod

    Ronin Oil Drain Plug

    I think before my next oil change I will ditch the yellow plastic stock solution as I was able to easily remove it with my hand. I love the safety wiring solution. Guessing A&P or USAF wire magic. :) With that said has anyone tried this one...
  11. volcanogod

    Well that didn't last long. 2020 GT350R DEAD

    I think you are forgetting the idiots on youtube doing burnouts where they were bouncing off the rev limiter on the 1st day they own (or Daddy Bought) the car. Multiple videos out there in this space. Hurts for me to watch. 🤬
  12. volcanogod

    GT350 needing new tires at 2k miles. Should I be concerned?

    Here in Austin I purchased my 2016 from here: Motion Classics. At the time he had 2R's and my car. I would give Eric a call. All cars are kept inside a heated/cooled warehouses. He only shows by appointment only. Was great to work with. Even if you don't see one on the web sites he may...
  13. volcanogod

    GT350 needing new tires at 2k miles. Should I be concerned?

    I would be concerned. I bought my 2016 with 5,600 miles with the stock tires. Fast Forward to today I'm just over 13K with the same tires. Sounds like yours has been ridden hard and put up. I would definitely push to get the rubber on the car before you even consider buying. Buyer...
  14. volcanogod

    New here, just picked up a Gt350

    Beautiful car!! Must be fun to drive on the roads there. How bad are gas prices there? Enjoy the new ride!
  15. volcanogod

    GT350R Hood Struts

    For mine I removed the company sticker off the struts too and then used goo gone to remove the remaining adhesive. Looks more stock to me.
  16. volcanogod

    Irresponsible driving = crashed Shelby

    How many super cars have we seen destroyed minutes after leaving the dealership? My old 91 white Mustang GT with porno red interior was 1/2 the car my Shelby is, but I loved it and saw it for what it was. Paint back then was much easier to keep and make shine even after 14 years. I got the...
  17. volcanogod

    GT350 gets a new FP350s crate engine

    What was the price on just the crate FP5.2?
  18. volcanogod

    Irresponsible driving = crashed Shelby

    TDY for me as well and yeah, a very cool place with the clubs being offbase with women from around the countryside coming and lining up waiting to be signed. Saw some crazy stuff there. Exercises in the winter time was the only way to wear a MOP suite. :) My home base was Dyess. You from...