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  1. How to clean my convertible top?

    No, not a bit.
  2. My car was involved in a hit and is being a real pain

    What strikes me most is the lack of outrage about the opposite side damage. If any of my cars, that I know to be undamaged, was hit on one side and mysteriously got significant damage on the opposite side I'd be livid. I'd be trying to find out where, when and how the damage happened and asking...
  3. Buying a hood, will the factory painted hood match mine?

    Ask for the paint code and compare it to your code. If they're the same then it should match. If it's not exactly the same you might want to pass.
  4. Cruise control stopped working after rack and pinion replaced.

    So, you're not under warranty any longer? If you intend to try to fix this uour self then I'd suggest starting the search at the wheel sensors. But since the entire sufframe had to come out to replace the r&p it could be any number of plugs. Have you considered giving the shop a call and asking...
  5. Cruise control stopped working after rack and pinion replaced.

    Take it back to whoever did the work, they obviously missed, or broke, something on reassembly.
  6. WMadness s550 Shifter Conversion kit

    There was a post not too long ago, maybe last week? The guy tried to replace his stock shifter with the WM short one. He ended up breaking the brake interlock on the stock shifter. I don't think he has posted a final outcome yet. They do look interesting though.
  7. 3/4" vs. 13/16" Lug-Nuts

    The Mustang technecly didn't need to be changed but a couple of the caps were getting loose. I didn't really like the silver lugs with the black wheels and the locks Ford supplied looked clunky and out of place. I went with the Gorilla locking set below and have been happy with the look and...
  8. 3/4" vs. 13/16" Lug-Nuts

    I disagree. I've had Fords for years and years and until a couple years ago I only used a breaker bar or a 4 way and the lug nuts still self destructed. I've changed out my Edge and Mustang to solid lugs. The only reason I haven't changed the Fusion is I've got all the take offs to replace the...
  9. Sun Visor help with garage door opener.

    This may, or may not, help someone. I have read that some door openers will only recognize a finite number of transmitters. I've never had that problem but I've never had more than 4 programed to mine at a time.
  10. Permanently disable colored mood lights in door handle recess and foot wells.

    If you want it off I hope you're able to figure out how to do what you want. Good Luck.
  11. Replacement AGM Battery?

    That's interesting but I wonder if applies only to swapping in the same type/sixe/capacity battery? The OP wants to go with an AGM type battery. I kind of doubt that the car can determine from a simple reset like described that a different battery type is in use.
  12. Permanently disable colored mood lights in door handle recess and foot wells.

    Only a very little. Red light is seen by the cones in the eye and only causes minimal depletion of the chemical that enhances the rods night vision sensitivity. I get way more light from the dash and screen, even turned down, than a little red in the foot wells or handles.
  13. Permanently disable colored mood lights in door handle recess and foot wells.

    I like the MyColor feature. I have mine set to red. Red light at low levels does not hurt night vision.
  14. Do they not know what they have?

    No way AN paid $30k for it. They're gonna bottom line it especially considering the loss of factory engine warranty. And 10k on a 6 month old car? That's what I put on my DD. I'd be surprised if AN paid $25k for it. Then add, what, $8500 for the SC and install? That's an almost $20k hit. Combine...
  15. Do they not know what they have?

    AutoNation's whole "one price" thing is a bit of a joke. I bought mine from an AN Ford dealer.. It had one price online. When I got to the dealership it had a different price in the window and a third window sticker on the passenger floor board. All with different prices. I made them give me the...
  16. Sun Visor help with garage door opener.

    I have 3 cars with Homelink. The Mustang works consistently from 3 houses away. The Wife's Fusion used to have to be at the garage door. Our Edge was somewhere in between. What I did to improve the Fusion was extend the antenna wire on the opener. Originally it was maybe 16" long. I doubled the...
  17. Voltage?

    I drive mine every day and don't use it enough.
  18. Convertible Windscreen alternative, courtesy of Audi!

    The top panel just pulls up. The rear seat bottom has to come out before the side panel. I seem to remember that the side panel just pulls out as well. The SmartTop website has instructions that worked well for me. Important warning.... Be very careful when reinstalling the top piece. If not...
  19. Voltage?

    Something around that yes. I think mine stays at 14.6. I believe the car is able to change the voltage depending on usage and battery demands through its battery management software.
  20. Sun Visor help with garage door opener.

    How handy/DIY are you? For my wife's Fusion I was able to buy (e-bay) just the module that goes in the visor. Then I disassembled the visor and wired it in. Took a couple of hours and cost was $20ish. Works great and looks perfect. Instruction videos can be found on YouTube