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  1. wilkinda65

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    That's when my ticking started on my 2018....1st oil change
  2. wilkinda65

    How many mustangs do you own and have you owned total?

    My first was an '84 4-eye GT Fox body with T-tops. (2) '89 LX 5.0, (1) '90 LX 5.0, (1) '93 GT, (1) '96 GT, (1) '96 6 cyc Vert, (1) '98 GT vert, (1) '05 GT Prem, (2) 2010 GT Prem, (1) 2011 GT500, (1) 2012 Boss 302, (1) 2013 GT Perf Pkg, (1) 2014 GT Prem Perf Pkg (1) 2013 GT500, (1) 2015 Limited...
  3. wilkinda65

    It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    I'm fully aware they are not clean. I laugh when people talk about electric cars as if it is clean. When I explain that the electricity comes from power plants that operate on liq fuel or gas fuel which is fossil fuel they seem......surprised. how the hell did they think the house they live in...
  4. wilkinda65

    Spied: 6th Generation 2023 Ford Ranger Prototype!

    First time I saw a Ranger in 4 door config was when I was over in Turkey. That was in 2014. I said then, damn.. I wish they would bring that to the USA. I was glad when it came over. I ALMOST bought one except for one reason.... only 1 engine choice and I didn't like the choice. I wanted a V6 at...
  5. wilkinda65

    It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    I understand. Our government actually subsidizes foreign governments to put low emissions hardware on their gas turbines or scrubbers on their HRSGs to emit low emissions. Japan for instance paid General Electric to put the best low emissions combustion hardware on the gas turbines we installed...
  6. wilkinda65

    It’s coming... 3 States have now banned future combustion engine car sales

    Being in the power industry I can assure you most power plants are not "dirty" in the USA. Additionally, the EPA is enforcing stricter emissions standards that are being phased in. What is funny is that people fail to realize what is done to the earth to get the materials harvested to make those...
  7. wilkinda65

    If you could have any - one - car, what would it be and why did you choose it?

    Honestly...... I'm already driving it. I'm not into the other exotic sports cars. Not really into the old era muscle cars. This car is .........its me
  8. wilkinda65

    Thoughts on explorer st

    Yes, I have one. Its a 2020 in StarWhite. EXCELLENT SUV with nice HP. It's the perfect size. Edge ST was too small. An Exoedition/F150 was too big. It's sporty, handles great and has lots of goodies on it.
  9. wilkinda65

    Permanently disable colored mood lights in door handle recess and foot wells.

    my 2020 Shelby has a factory hood strut.... just 1, but it has it!!
  10. wilkinda65

    Looking to trade my 2018 Dodge Charger scatpack for 2020 mustang gt

    This makes a lot of sense. How would the drive modes affect this noise? I have noticed the rattle is worse even on the Shelby in normal mode vs Sport or Track. I assumed the rattle was the same plate under the car as my 2018 had that was rattling when cold. Maybe this is not that issue. On the...
  11. wilkinda65

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    On my car the 2k rattle was a plate under the car that they pulled off and put dampening bushings in and it fixed it. I don't own the car anymore but I can look to see if I have the repair invoice and give you the exact repair description. Hell, even my new Shelby has a 2k rpm rattle coming...
  12. wilkinda65

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    Are you a dick all the time or just special occasions like "that time of the month". I've owned several of these Coyote powered S550 and it was much louder on the '18 than my '15. My sister has had several as well and my '18 was louder than her '16 or her 2020. So what's your point?
  13. wilkinda65

    My car was involved in a hit and is being a real pain

    it is a 4 door mustang right? 😂
  14. wilkinda65

    Goodbye to Ford...2018 Mustang Gt ownership

    I found my 10 speed auto on my 2018 to be clunky when it was in "Normal" mode. But in "Sport" mode it was perfect. I also had low RPM rattle but it was a metal plate that was vibrating which was fixed by my dealer. The ticking was terrible on y 2018 but was almost non-existent on my 2015 LE...
  15. wilkinda65

    Signature Wheel’s GT500 Adventures

    They are a thirsty animal
  16. wilkinda65

    1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    I have the Bucs plate because it was black and red and matches my car theme.... Now about those tail lights.... where did you get them and are you happy with the quality?
  17. wilkinda65

    Whats your ONE mod?

    I love those tail lights. They would look so good on my black car
  18. wilkinda65

    1st Mods on 2020 GT500

    Maybe you can "wrap" the plate with the correct shade of Blue
  19. wilkinda65

    Jmeo's 2020 Shelby American GT500 SE Wide Body Build

    I vote for the carbon fiber as is. Looks sexy. Blue would be a distraction from the theme of the vents.
  20. wilkinda65

    2020 GT500 hot lap time from Laguna Seca [Motortrend]

    Or get a room for the make-up sex